Key Matchups to Watch

For the Eagles to come away Saturday with a win at home, there are several key matchups that the Eagles must win.

Win in the Trenches

The team that controls the line of scrimmage will control the game. As simple as that. The offensive line will have to keep Nicky Foles clean in the pocket while opening running lanes for our rushing attack. On the defensive side of the ball, the front 4 needs to get to Matt Ryan and push the pocket back.

Alshon Jeffery vs. Desmond Trufant

Alshon Jeffery is undoubtedly the most talented receiver on the team, he needs to have a strong showing. Trufant has been one of the best corner backs that no one talks about. Alshon has to gain separation and use his body to his advantage. I fully expect Foles to throw some 50/50 balls to him and Jeffery must come down with them or draw the penalties like he has all season.


Zach Ertz vs. Deion Jones

Ertz was the only receiving threat on the team that was receiving significant targets from Nick Foles his first time around with the team so it is no secret that he has been the most productive pass-catcher since Foles took over. Ertz has made a living being a mismatch nightmare for the smaller slot-corners and the slower line backers. Deion Jones matches up really well for the Falcons where he is big like a line backer and actually has ran a faster 40 than Ertz coming out of college.

Nick Foles vs. Himself

Nick Foles is certainly capable of making some big time throws and has throughout his career, he has to simply go out there and play to the best of his ability. No one is giving the Eagles a chance to win. Far worse quarterbacks have made it to the super bowl and even won it.


The Eagles need to play strong on all sides of the field for all 4 quarters to win this game. For the team to do so, they have to own the majority of these matchups, especially the battle in the trenches.

In Foles we trust!


-Richie Wielgus







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