Eagles vs. Falcons Preview

2-3 weeks ago, I would welcome this match up with open-arms because the inconsistencies of Matt Ryan and the average play of their defense made their team appear as a shell of what we saw last year in the postseason.

The Falcons defense has been playing some really good football as of late, they held the NFL’s best offense to a mere 13 points during Wildcard weekend. They have playmakers all over that defense. They have 2 really good cornerbacks in Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford,. On their defensive line they have sack-specialist Vic Beasley, first round pick Takkarist McKinley, and they have Dontari Poe and Grady Jarrett. The glue that holds that defense together is linebacker Deion Jones, he is tackles like a linebacker and covers like a safety

Deion Jones

Deion Jones 2

If the offense is on their game, they can put up points on any defense. If you ask anybody who is the best receiver in the league you will get 2 names: Antonio Brown and Julio Jones. Julio Jones does not have the touchdown production of someone often considered to be the best WR today but he can catch any pass thrown to him and has enough speed to make something happen after the catch. Jones is a remarkable specimen of a receiver but for the Eagles to win Saturday, keeping him in check has to be the top priority. The Falcons boast the best running back duo the NFL has seen in a while, if you combine the stats of Freeman and Coleman this year you would be looking at the stats of an All-Pro. Devonta Freeman is smaller than your typical back but he is fast enough to run around you and is physical enough to run through you. Tevin Coleman doesn’t get the same attention as Freeman but he will certainly get his, those 2 players work extremely well complimenting one another. The play of their quarterback will play the biggest factor this weekend (no shit.) Matt Ryan is very capable of making some big time throws and has the poise and the experience to make any defense pay in the playoffs. Just like we saw in last year’s superbowl, he is very hot and cold. When he is hot, hes putting up 30 points, when hes cold he has trouble finding first downs and ultimately touchdowns. Inconsistency has been the word thrown around his entire career but the Eagles defense should prepare to play a very dangerous quarterback.

In the first playoff game since Nick Foles left the field with the lead against the Saints in 2013, this Eagles team looks to prove the doubters wrong. The number 1 seed for the first time ever is an under dog at home against the 6th seed. With better coaching, a better defense, better everything, there is every reason that the Eagles are able to prove Vegas and the national media wrong.


-Richie Wielgus


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