The Process is FINALLY Working

TTP, aka Trust The Process has been a thing that us Sixers fans have been chanting for years. It’s now finally falling into place!

If you told Sixers fans, 10 year ago, that the team would go through the dark ages of basketball for about 5 years, we would probably laugh at you. Well folks reality check, it happened. No one can predict the future, you could see the downfall of the Sixers, but no one knew they would have been worse than mediocre. That’s what Philadelphia sports is all about correct? Being mediocre, and nothing else? Times have changed, thanks to Mr. Sam Hinkie. It all started back in May of 2013 when Hinkie was hired to be the General Manager and President of Basketball Operations. This man was all for taking things slow, building from the ground up, and win within the draft. Well thanks to him, this year so far, is why we Trust The Process. Hinkie made a bold move on draft night in 2013 when Hinkie, traded the only All-Star, Jrue Holiday, and Pierre Jackson to the New Orleans Pelicans for Nerlens Noel and a draft pick. Nerlens Noel was supposed to be the jump start to the process, didn’t work out well because he was traded 2 years ago to the Dallas Mavericks. That same year, Hinkie went and brought in, who is still the coach today, Brett Brown.

embiid yo

Give Brett a lot of credit. He went from working, with arguably the best head coach in basketball history, Greg Popovich, to a losing city in Philadelphia. He knew what he was getting himself into, and to this day he’s still here, and deserves a statue. Not many people could have done what he has done, and he will only get better, especially with the talent that we have now. The cornerstone of this team, Joel Embiid was selected the following year in 2014, third overall. Embiid has come a long way since being drafted. The man had bums knees in the first 3 years of his career. He played a total of 31 games in his first 3 season, more and more people looked towards him as a bust. The Sixers did not see that, and he actually got to play last year! He played in 31 games, before getting shut down for the year with an injury, and the old stories came back, ‘Is he ever going to play? He’s going to be one the the biggest busts in NBA history!” Man has he proved everyone wrong. Embiid is having a very good year so far, especially playing with last years number one overall pick Ben Simmons.

Ben Simmons had a lot of hype coming out of LSU. His team fell short of playing in March Madness, his only year of college, and they also missed out in playing in the NIT tournament as well. Simmons has been compared by so many people to LeBron James. Everyone who knows of LeBron James, knows how well his career has been going for the past 15 years. Simmons missed his entire rookie season due to a foot injury. Coming into this year the man has been on a mission. He has done pretty fair in his rookie campaign. Leading the way amongst rookies in PPG, Assists, and Rebounds. The man is a freak of nature. If the season ended today, he would 100% win Rookie of the Year. Compared to other rookies, other than Jayson Tatyum, he has outplayed everyone, including Lonzo Ball, and De’Aron Fox.

This is going to be a good year for the Sixers, and only the beginning of a long run for this franchise in need of winning seasons. The talent is here, the right coach is here, and most importantly the fans are here. They are the ones who deserve it the most. This team will make playoffs, they will end up a 5-8 seed, and will give teams a challenge. TRUST THE PROCESS!!!!!


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