In Foles we Trust (Sort of….)

The Philadelphia Eagles are starting the new calendar year with their first playoff berth since 2013 and tied for the best record in the NFL. Yet, this team is still talked down upon and seem like a “one-and-done lock,” according to the “experts.” It is not difficult to see why, after the injury to Carson Wentz, the offense has struggled mightily in 2 of the 3 full games they were forced to play without him.

The bottom line is that it is us against the world, that’s how the team views it and that is how us fans should view it as well.

Nick foles is certainly no Carson Wentz, but he deserves our support. Not even mentioning the 2013 season what Foles has done this year shows why, if we had to pick someone to back up Wentz, we should be fortunate it is Foles and not Mark Sanchez or Chase Daniels. Foles came in cold against the Rams and managed to put the game away against an elite opponent, the following week, Foles was able to compensate for a lackluster game from our defense and clinch the first round bye with the win against the Giants. The next 1.25 games were admittedly rough for Foles. The game against the Raiders were a tough one for Foles and Foles had to rely on an outstanding performance from the defense to secure the win, but at the end of the day the victory is all that matters. Throughout the course of the game Foles simply did not appear to be on the same page as his receivers and that is more than likely due to a lack of reps and chemistry. The quarter he played against the cowboys was also not great football either and I wish he would have played more, but we can not afford to lose another QB, especially in a meaningless game.


My reason for optimism is simple: First Round Bye. Towards the end of the season, the defense looked absolutely gassed so this break will be huge for them. In terms of getting the offense back on track, this extra week will be huge for getting Foles some very well needed reps with his receivers. It is no coincidence that the only receiver against the Raiders that had a good game was Zach Ertz who Foles played with in 2013 and 2014, so there is some chemistry there already. It also looked like Pederon was calling plays as if Wentz was still the quarterback, this extra week will give Pederson the chance to adapt the playbook in such a way that it utilizes Foles’ strengths.

This post-season will be the ultimate test to Pederson as a head coach and we will get to see how much heart our team has.


-Richie Wielgus


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