The Curious Case of Jay Ajayi

Yesterday, the day of the trade deadline, the Eagles shocked the NFL by swinging a trade to the Dolphins to acquire their star running back Mr. Jay Ajayi.

The Eagles’ already own a top 5 rushing offense behind the running back by committee  so why did the Eagles go out and get yet another decent running back? First off, Roseman said the team was not proactive in terms of going out of their way to feel for a running back to add. The Dolphins called up the Eagles and things kind of moved relatively quickly. Acquiring a 124 year old 1200 yard rusher for as little as a fourth round pick does not come around too often.

Ajayi brings considerable value to this team. Roseman believes that on top of being able to run up the middle and bounce it outside, he also has untapped potential in the passing game. Losing Peters surely hurt this offense, picking up a back like Ajayi will also help in the blitz pickup which will keep our favorite Ginger safe.

Why did the Dolphins accept such little compensation? The biggest thing I have been seeing is that the Dolphins media has perceived Jay as a me-first kind of player. The thing I am worried about is his knees, Roseman said his medical staff did research before finalizing the trade on his knees and felt comfortable enough to get it done. Ajayi also has had issues not following his assignments because he is always looking for the home run.


After watching some videos on his short NFL  career so far I have come away impressed with the way he plays. His acceleration after making cuts has blown me away and running behind an offensive line that can keep the holes open long enough for him to run through should spell success. His balance is incredible, it arises from his soccer background which has blessed him with good footwork but I have watched potential negative plays turn into 5-10 yard gains because he always falls forward.

Roseman has built this team and this team is 7-1 because of him. He has gained my trust. Roseman is comfortable in the research done in not only Ajayi the player but also Ajayi the person and he had a chance to meet him personally in the off season when the Eagles and Dolphins had a joint training camp, they have a good feel about this dude who is being perceived as a villain in Miami. Sometimes all a player needs is a change of scenery. The Eagles have perhaps the strongest, most united locker room in the NFL, this goes a long way. At the end of the day, the Eagles got a fast bruising back within lots of versatility for close to nothing, just Howie doing Howie things. The situation is much better in Philadelphia for Jay. Even with the Peters injury our line is much improved to theirs, we have better coaches, players, and our locker room is not toxic.


Lets not forget, all of the beats tried to convince the fan base that we needed Frank Gore, because he did so well for us the last time we signed him.

-Richie Wielgus


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