It is Time to Believe

This Eagles team is no sleeper team. This team is arguable the best team we have had since T.O was wreaking havoc for us.

Your current leader in the NFC are the Packers, nope. The Seattle Seahawks, nope. The Carolina Panthers, nope. The Dallas Cowboys, nope. It is s your Philadelphia Eagles! Who would have thought that this team from all the struggles last year, would be sitting atop the NFC in first place, and, thanks to a Thursday night defeat of the KC Chiefs, are in sole possession of the best record in the NFL! Yes get hype for this team, because it is the real deal. The feeling of a winning team is here, and with Wentz should be . First off lets give Howie Roseman a lot of credit. This man wheels and deals with contracts, and trades. Bringing in Alshon Jeffery, and LeGarrette Blount on 1 year deals, and Torrey Smith on a 3 year contract has improved this offense, GREATLY. Trading for Timmy Jernigan has made life easier for Fletcher Cox on the defensive line. Going out and trading for Ronald Darby was even better, giving this team an actually cornerback and not overpaying him! Let’s not over think this Darby injury, he will be good.

Thank Mr. Roseman.



Carson Wentz, let me tell you this kid is the real deal. You cannot argue that this man has not improved so much since last year. In the first 7 games of Wentz rookie season, he threw for 8 TD’S and 3 picks. Second season 13 TD’S and 3 picks. 5 more touchdowns with more weapons can change someones confidence. Nelson Agholor is having a much better year, because he is playing in the slot. Zach Ertz is having a breakout season! All because of our savior Carson Wentz! This offense can easily be top 5 by the end of the season, and will only improve as time goes on. The loss of Darren Sproles hurts greatly, but it allows others to step up such as Corey Clement, and Wendell Smallwood.

With one loss, and coming to the hands of the Chiefs this team is clearly much better than last years. There have been close games, where it shouldn’t have happened. The 2016 Eagles, wouldn’t be 5-1 with the close games that has happened so far. The culture around the team is a lot better, and Carson has a lot to do with it. Doug Pederson does as well. A lot of people around the NFL has said he isn’t qualified to be a head coach, maybe  they are now starting to scratch their heads. Long season ahead, but this team had been amazing. Let’s not jump ahead and call this team a Super Bowl bound team just yet. Still have a few games left on the schedule that will show who we really are as a team.

Let us get to the playoffs first, and win a game first. Time will tell a lot about this team, but lets keep our hopes and belief in full effect with this team!

-Paul Makalsky


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