What to do About Kendricks

Nothing, nothing at all.

For a second, I am just going to bypass that “it’s only preseason” bullshit and focus on his play through the first 3 games. Kendricks has recorded a sack, 3 interceptions and a touchdown. This cancels any possibility of Kendricks getting released. The only way Mychal Kendricks will not be on the team in 2 weeks is if Howie convinces a team to buy the hype and he sells high on him.

Before the Darby trade, the Eagles were fielding a suspect secondary and were stuck having to send extra people to help cover. Now that the team made the deal for our new number one corner, Schwartz will be granted more freedom to call blitz packages.

I do not know if you know anything about football but fast, athletic linebackers are the best at getting to the QB. Kendricks is a fast and athletic linebacker. He is ready to bring constant pressure which will help him see the field more and get more snaps. Kendricks isn’t too shabby in coverage either (3 interceptions in 3 games this preseason) but he is just not as good or big as Jordan Hicks and Nigel Bradham.

It is no secret that Kendricks requested to get either traded or released and it is telling that the team decided to hold on to him,  but he continues to play hard. It does not matter if his motivation comes from increasing his trade value so he can get dealt or if he is just suddenly better, what matters is that he is playing some good football this Summer. As this defense stands right now, it looks ferocious and poised to thrive, if the team can get Kendricks on the field playing some really good football, this unit will be top 5.

Defenses win championships and I appreciate the fact that Schwartz is going to field the best possible squad he can, this year, Kendricks could be that X-Factor.

-Richie Wielgus


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