Sooner Rather than Later for the Eagles

The Eagles will be the team to beat in the next year or so. Young team, a young head coach, and a poised front office will deliver.

Carson Wentz is the truth. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. He is going to be the best QB in the NFC East in 2 years, and is going to be arguably the best QB in football in 4 years. Yes I strongly believe this, otherwise I wouldn’t be saying this. Yes the Cowboys have their lord and savior Dak Prescott, who is indeed no slouch. That man can play football. The Redskins literally have no clue what they are gonna do with Kirk Cousins, and Eli Manning is old as dirt, playing for the giants. The Eagles have probably the second best offense in the NFC East, after the Cowboys, and yes I’m giving the Cowboys credit because they deserve it. Then again most running backs could run behind that wonderful offensive line they have. That’s beside the point here. The point is that the Eagles are no team to sleep on. The team got Wentz his weapons this offseason in Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith, and LeGarrette Blount. We have a great tight end in Zach Ertz, and a lovely backup in Brent Celek. There is no reason this offense can’t be top 5 in yards per game, and points per game. There is no reason for Wentz to not have 28 touchdowns, and 3200 yards. The man is Jesus in this city according to some fans. I mean hello he is a ginger…. Carson is going to light it up this year.

brent celek

The defense is where the Eagles really need to step their game up. They were one of the leagues best teams against the run, but the passing defense was HORRIBLE. Cornerback is really the most interesting position on the team. With not really having a clear number one, and really only having one guy back. Jalen Mills, who is most likely going to be the number one this year worries me. The team drafted Rasul Douglas and Sidney Jones who should have been a first round pick. Jones won’t be on the field until October due to his Achilles injury, which would make most sense to maybe just let him sit out all year, and then come back healthy next year. Could be be the Sixers, and trust the process with Sidney Jones? I think we should. The team has 6.9 million in cap space, why not see who is out in the market in the corner position, bring one in, and just let it ride out. Defense wins championships. Look at the Broncos, or the Seahawks the last couple years. Their defenses won them their Super Bowls, and this is what is going to happen for the Eagles.

This team knows it can be way better than it was last year. 7-9 this year is not acceptable by any means. This team if it comes down to it, can challenge for the NFC East, or sneak in as a Wild Card team. Making playoffs should be this teams goal for this season, and then focus on progressing each year. The team is young enough, has great players so why can’t it happen? Time to step up, and win for the city.

-Paul Makalsky


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