The Eagles Need to Add a Cornerback

After the release of RG Allen Barbre and first round bust Marcus Smith, the Eagles now have approximately $10 million in cap space, a number that can go up if/when Ryan Mathews is released.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way lets look at something truly horrifying: OUR CORNER BACKS!

The Current Team

After the releasing of Dwayne Gratz, the team is down to 8 corner backs for training camp and one on the non-football injury list. Including UDFA’S, the team has penciled in starter Jalen Mills, veteran free-agent signing Patrick Robinson, Cj Smith, Ron Brooks, rookies Rasul Douglas and Sidney Jones (non-football injury), and the rest are just camp bodies and special teams players. This team is lacking star power, this team needs a ball-hawk. Right now Jalen Mills has not shown anything to lead me to believe he will be elite, though it has only been one year and he has played some of the best receivers in the league. Patrick Robinson can start, he will be an average starter but he will not be a lock down. Sidney Jones is not able to practice with the team yet but he has been with the team during training camp thus far and has been doing light drills, I am excited about him. CJ Smith was an UDFA last year who the coaches were high on, but he has not seen too much playing time. This team needs its front 7 and safeties to be strong to compensate for weak cornerbacks.

Cornerbacks to Target

Kyle Fuller- He is the only trade target I will talk about so I will get him out of the way first. Fuller is not a must have commodity, but he would sure as hell be a luxury. This team does not need him but I do believe that having him would make us better. Fuller was drafted in the middle of the first round in the 2014 draft and is only 25, he is 6’0 tall and has solid speed for the position. After a stellar rookie season his production in 2015 dropped and he lost his 2016 season due to injury. After the Bears GM announced that they would not pick up his 5th-year option, making him a free-agent during the 2018 off season, rumors began to swirl. The Eagles have been linked to Fuller in rumors well, because you know, we are the Eagles. Roseman could very well make a deal for Fuller and he would make our corp better assuming he stays healthy, but it would only be worth it if he is willing to stay long term.

Darrelle Revis

I will not spend much time on this one I promise. Revis is old, way out of his prime, too expensive, and I do not see him settling for a role short of full-game starter. I am not on board with this possibility but I only bring it up because thanks to twitter I found out people want him on this team because of his reputation……5 years ago. Nope. I would only be okay with this if we could not sign any one else.


Sam Shields

I am quite surprised that this dude is still a free agent. Shields is insanely fast and has been a solid corner for the Packers for 7 seasons, his issues are injuries. With how much news former players have been receiving with new cases of CTE being discovered every day, it seems that teams just view him as a liability. Shields lost his 2016 season because he received his fourth known NFL concussion. From a talent stand-point, Shields could contribute on the majority of NFL teams. Sam Shields has also never played a full 16 game season, a team could take a flier on him for cheap and be greatly rewarded, if he wants to play.

Brandon Flowers

Flowers is 31, he is in the twilight of his career. He has maybe 1 or 2 average years left but what he brings to the table is a true veteran presence. He has been around the league for a long time and can be the player we need to coach up a very young cornerback corp. The Patriots have just recently shown interest in signing him so that should be a clear sign that bringing him in would be the right move.


Justin Gilbert

Probably a surprising addition to this list, he makes this list solely because he was a top 10 pick just a few years ago. He is not a veteran presence or anything but of the available free agents, his upside is probably the highest. Thus far, his career has been a joke much like the Browns’ organization, who drafted him. We have nothing to lose by at least bringing him in for a workout or to add him as an extra camp body. This would be the cheapest option and one that the Eagles should at least consider.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

2017 Season

Any cornerback the team adds right now would not be a long-term answer of any sort, the team just needs to be able to field a capable body long enough until Sidney Jones is healthy. The future of the position is bright, the present? Not so much.

-Richie Wielgus



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