Lebron to leave Cleveland in 2018?

So you’re telling me theres a chance?! Everyone knows that LeBron James is the best basketball player in the league, and that he makes any team better. Bringing him to the Sixers wouldn’t be such a bad thing.


Ever since LeBron came into the league back in 2003, he has been the best player of this generation, and arguably ever. He is such a dynamic player, that it’s tough to defend the man. He entered the league when he was just 18, right out of high school. You know how hard that is? I mean to be a young kid playing basketball against grown men. He did it tho, and he accepted the challenge, and conquered it. He lead a somewhat terrible Cavaliers to the finals in 2007, and ultimately got swept by the San Antonio Spurs. This was just the beginning of his wonderful career he has made up in 14 years of being in the league. In 2010, he made it clear that it was time to make a change for himself, and his family, and in his own words, “Taking my talents to South Beach.” There he joined up fellow superstars Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. First year in Miami wasn’t a success if LeBron would put it, making it to the finals, but lost to the Dallas Mavericks in 6 games. This being the first of seven straight finals appearances! LeBron would end up winning 2 rings in Miami, back to back in 2011-2012, and 2012-2013, giving him his first career championships he has desired to win, since he came into the league in 2003.


He left Miami in the summer of 2014, and came back to Cleveland, which wasn’t a shock to everyone, but the fans of the Miami Heat. LeBron made it clear, that he left Cleveland in 2010, to go win a championship, grow up, and become a better man. You can’t blame the man right? I mean he was, and still is compared to being better, or close enough to Jordan. LeBron had every right to do what he wanted to do with his career, and you can’t give the man slander for it. He came back, lead the team to the finals, lost in 5 games, due to injuries to Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving, and the Warriors having too much star power against LeBron basically carrying the team on his back. The following year, 2015, the man finally got Cleveland what they have been waiting for, for a very very long time. A championship! It was a tough one for Cleveland, having to come back from a 3-1 lead, which to this day still blows everyone’s mind. The Warriors, blowing a 3-1 lead, is remarkable. LeBron, played a hell of a series that year, as he always does, but he played even to a higher caliber that year. Having arguably the greatest block in the history of the league on Andrea Iguadala.


People might hate LeBron, because of what he has done, but the man is nothing but business, and he is a classy man. Bringing LeBron to Philadelphia wouldn’t be such a stupid thing to do. LeBron makes any team better as I said before, and with the potential this Sixers team has with, Ben Simmons, Markell Fultz, Dario Saric, and Joel Embiid, LeBron could workout very well here. He and Simmons are great friends, they have the same agent. Ben works out with LeBron every summer. They probably text each other all the time. Yes LeBron is older now, he isn’t the same one from 7-8 years ago, but the man can still get it done. Why anyone in Philly wouldn’t want him here, is ludicrous. He would bring a championship to this city, and all the talk of “TTP, Trust The Process,” would still be here. We as a city, as Sixers fans, have dreamed of winning a championship with this core, and LeBron could possibly be leaving Cleveland next season, and now apparently Kyrie doesn’t want to play with LeBron this is the perfect chance for the Sixers to throw out their pitch to LeBron’s camp, and say “Hey, LeBron why not come to Philadelphia, where we have an unbelievable amount of talent, you know Ben, you know what Embiid is capable of, Saric is going to be a star, and Markell is going to be apart of this for a long time.” How could LeBron say no? I mean the Warriors are going to dominate the west for the next 3-5 years minimum, so stay in the east, go to 10-11 straight finals, and possibly win 4-6 rings in total. The future is in Philadelphia, the talent is here. We all think LeBron knows it, he can see it with is eyes. So lets try to be optimistic, and BRING LEBRON TO PHILADELPHIA!!!!

-Paul Makalsky


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