Sixers and Free Agency

Now that the draft is over, it’s time to look forward to free agency which starts July 1st. Sixers have a good amount of cap space, and have some needs, lets see how they attack it.


With the Sixers having a solid draft, getting their top target in Markell Fultz, the team can now move its attention to free agency.  Shooting, and veteran presence is where the Sixers should really look. They have the young core, and the talent, just need these two pieces to fill the need. Some potential target could be: Andre Iguodala, JJ Redick, Dion Waiters, and Kyle Korver, are just a few names to be thrown around. Here’s how each could help this young team.

First let’s start with Andre Iguodala, or “Iggy” as he was known when he was drafted by the Sixers. Iguodala has always been a great player, not much a starter, but more so a come off the bench type of guy. 6th man is really what Iggy is for every team. He was the star for the Sixers in his time here, then moved onto Denver for one year, and now with the Golden State Warriors, winning 2 championships in 3 years with them. He won NBA Finals MVP in 2015, playing unreal against a hurt Cavaliers team, but he played against the best player in the league, LeBron James, and kept him in check for the most part. Iggy is familiar with the city, he is familiar with the fans, he would most certainly fit in well here. Coming off the bench would most likely be his destination, if he does indeed come back, or go to another team. The Sixers would be foolish enough to not considering bringing him back.


Another name out there would be, JJ Redick. Redick has been a stellar shooter, going back to his days at Duke University. He is your typical catch and shoot, post up on the wing/corner, and drain three’s. He was drafted by Orlando, playing for them for 7 seasons, moved onto Milwaukee for one season, and has been with the Clippers for the past 4 seasons. Redick for the most part, isn’t really wanted here by Philly fans, because he is demanding too much money, but with the Sixers cap room, they can afford him. Being age 33, 18 million per year is definitely a little much, but if he and the Sixers can come to an agreement it would help this team a lot.


Dion Waiters has always had a thing for the Sixers. Being from Philadelphia you can see why the man wants to play here. Who wouldn’t want to ball out in front of their hometown fans? It would be a dream come true for most players. Waiters is a solid shooting guard, he isn’t going to get you a double double a night, but he can get you about 14-15 points a night, which is good enough for this team. Playing for the Cavs, out of Syracuse, he wanted to be traded away. Didn’t feel at home there, didn’t feel like he could elevate his game. Moving onto Oklahoma City, Waiters was coming off the bench for the most part, but played a good role for the Thunder. Going to Miami was Waiters best decision, it was basically his time to show teams who he really was. He had a great year for Miami, and surely could help this team out in a long run. It would shock me if the Sixers didn’t go after Waiters.


Kyle Korver is one name that most people wont put out there, because he is coming to the end of his career, being 36 years old he will still help a team, but mostly he wants to win a ring. Korver spent his first 3 years here in Philly, and fans loved him. Was a straight shooter everywhere he has been throughout his career. Probably the last target the Sixers would have on their radar, but anything is possible at this point and time.



With these potential targets, the Sixers could really make a run to the playoffs, with 1-2 of these targets, depending on how well the health of Joel Embiid, and Ben Simmons. These two players are the faces of the franchise, and for this team to contend, they both need to be healthy, and playing together. Bringing back Iguodala, and bringing in Redick would transform this team to be a better squad. Let’s see how this unfolds starting this Saturday when free agency kicks off!

-Paul Makalsky


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