Playoff, or Bust for the Eagles?

The Eagles had one of the best offseason’s in the NFL this year. Will all these transactions help this struggling team? Only time will tell.

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Offseason 2017 was a big hit for the Eagles. Let’s all give Howie Roseman a lot of credit for what he has done this offseason. He transformed a team with a lot of holes due to Chip Kelly, even tho Chip has been gone now two years. This offseason Howie Roseman must have sat down with Carson Wentz, coach Doug Pederson, and Malcom Jenkins, discussed what the team needed, and he went out and attacked free agency. I say that Wentz, and Jenkins were there, because I firmly believe that these two are the biggest leaders on the team. Wentz, being the second pick in the 2016 drat, is supposed to be this cities franchise QB. Malcom Jenkins, who is the best signing Chip made in his tenure here, is our leader on defense. An underrated and underappreciated safety in the league. You bring these two guys in, with the coach, and talk about what the team needs, and how to approach it. Which is how free agency should work. Bring in your best leaders, and coach talk about who you should target, and try to make it happen. Having backup plans if the main target doesn’t work out. You may ask why all of this has to do with playoff, or bust? Sit back and read away.

Last season was such a disappoint for the Eagles, and if you don’t think so, well I’m sorry pal you’re just a moron. This team should have made playoffs, but as fans we know they didn’t. Going 7-9 isn’t going to cut it in Philadelphia. Offseason is where the team hit it off well. Receiving core was the biggest issue. The team didn’t have a true number one receiver. Jordan Matthews is a slot receiver playing as your number one. That doesn’t work. Nelson Agholor, being in his second year was terrible. Dropped passes, not running the right routes, letting things get to his head, and other receivers on this team made it difficult on them. Also going from Sam Bradford, to Carson Wentz in a span of 3 weeks, doesn’t help either because he was a rookie QB, with 0 experience. Bringing in Alshon Jeffery, who on Chicago was their number one guy, and arguably a top 10 receiver in the league WHEN HEALTHY, on a one year deal was a smart decision. Adding Torrey Smith was a great pickup as well. This now means that Jordan Matthews, can go and strive in the slot, while Alshon, and Torrey can play the 1-2 wide out positions. The team drafted a running back, which also was a need, with Ryan Matthews being hurt constantly, Darren Sproles retiring after this year, and Wendell Smallwood being the third option. The team went out and signed LeGarrette Blount, who left the Patriots after winning a Super Bowl. We finally have a big, stable running back! Its a miracle!!! Howie did great getting Carson weapons, and there is no reason why this team cannot have a top 5 offense this season.

Giants Eagles Football


Defense was another issue that this team needed to address. Cornerback was the biggest one on defense. They started off by releasing Leodis Mckelvin, who really was a terrible cornerback last season. Didn’t really have an impact which a lot of people thought he was going to have. Connor Barwin was released, which was not really a surprise, but with a huge cap hit, it was bound to happen. The team knew it had to focus on getting strong at cornerback, and find a replacement for Barwin. The draft is also a good place to find those. We drafted Derek Barnett, who most people compare him to Reggie White, and everyone knows how well he turned out to be. Getting the secondary some help, the Eagles drafted Sidney Jones, who would have went in the first round, probably to the Eagles if he didn’t rupture his achilles during his pro-day. Rasul Douglas is another corner that was drafted, not going to be a superstar type of corner, but one that will help this team in the long term, with Jalen Mills as our lone solid cornerback.


The Eagles won free agency in the NFC East, which is good, because the Cowboys are going to be contenders, the Giants are really a hit or miss, and well the Redskins, will be the redskins. This team can really be a contender In the East this season, and battle the Cowboys to take the NFC East title, and maybe make a run in the playoffs. It really is a playoff, or bust type of season for this team. Making great additions to this team, and going into year 2 with coach Pederson, this team should know what he is expecting, and make that jump to the playoffs. Winning the Super Bowl would be a real treat for this team, but that isn’t going to happen, just focus on making the playoffs, and then go from there. Still a few years away from being a Super Bowl winning team, but lets try and get this thing started now!


With this all being said, the Eagles have a really good chance to make a run to the playoffs, they just cannot afford to have the same mistakes as last season. Losing games late in the fourth quarter. Turnovers really killed this team, dropped passes also hurt. It’s going to be tough again this year, facing the AFC West, who are no joke. The Raiders are an up and coming team, with a lot of explosiveness. The Broncos field one of the scariest defenses. The Chargers are not as good as they used to be, but they could give us trouble. Lastly the Chiefs, who their head coach Andy Reid was here for the longest, knows this city, and knows Doug from being his offensive coordinator in KC. We have our normal 6 division games, which we have to win at least 3-4 if we want to win the division. The rest of the season is going to have to just go off of momentum. Starts with taking each game at a time. 11-5 at best, anything below 8-8 and this team needs to be reevaluated from a management level.

-Paul Makalsky


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