Nico Hischier, Nolan Patrick, or Trade?

The biggest question in this year’s NHL Draft is, who is going number one, and who will the Flyers take? Obviously it’s going to come down to who the New Jersey Devils take. Most people believe its going to be Nico Hischier. Which then leaves Nolan Patrick to the Flyers. Let’s take a quick look at both top prospects.

First off, let’s say how much luck the Flyers got this year with the number 2 pick. The team won 10 straight games, and didn’t make it to the playoffs. This is the first time in NHL history that it happened. Nolan Patrick is arguably the best player in this draft. He plays for Brandon Wheat Kings, which is in the WHL, in Canada. He was their captain for the 2016-2017 season, despite missing more than half the season. He did average more than a point per game, and finished with 46 points in just 33 games played. He had 20 goals, and 26 assists. He is a 6’2″ center, weighing just under 200 pounds. The kid is a flat out monster. Even missing more than half the season, he is a stud. Is he going to be anything like Auston Matthews, or Connor McDavid? Probably not, but he will most likely be on the Flyers opening night roster. He surely will be a player that will light up the league for a very long time, and hopefully be part of the young core for this team for many years to come.

Just watch this.


Nico Hischier is another top prospect projected this year. Him and Nolan are definitely going to battle it out for years to come, and its going to be fun to watch. Nico, playing for HALIFAX, QMJHL, has 86 points, in 57 games played. He had 38 goals, and 48 assists, which are just unreal numbers. You can surely see why a lot of scouts see him going number one. Coming in at 6’2, weighing 179 pounds, he isn’t a very heavy center, which really is starting to become the common nowadays. He is a Swiss international, and looking to be the highest drafted Swiss player ever. Going 1 or 2 isn’t going to matter for this young man, because he, just like Patrick is a flat out beast. It just comes down to who the Devils think fits their team the best.

Here are some Nico Hischier highlights.

Here’s another scenario that the Flyers could take. Coming with the second pick, other teams have bigger needs than the Flyers right now. You could argue that the flyers need Nolan, or Nico, but if someone offers a great package, can the Flyers really say no to a luxurious trade? Hextall knows what he is doing, the Flyers also need a goalie, so that number 2 pick can be used for a top goalie. Yes we have Neuvirth, Stolarz, and Alex Lyon. Neuvirth is most likely going to be the starter for next season, with Mason gone. There is a possibility Mason could still return, but the chances of it happening are slim. Hextall knows what he is doing, like I had said earlier, but with the needs at goalie, which are the biggest need, can Hextall afford to say no? Absolutely not, but it probably won’t happen.

Tune in this Friday, June 23, 2017 and find out who will be the future of the Flyers! Nico, or Nolan? We will find out Friday.

-Paul Makalsky


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