At Least we are not the Knicks!

We are going on 5 years of nearly unwatchable basketball being played by our beloved Sixers and for once we can finally say “it could be worse.”


What the hell is Phil Jackson doing? The once legendary team that has had great players such as Patrick Ewing, Walt Frazier, and Earl Monroe is now the laughing stock of the entire NBA.

This team has been trying to convince the entire league that Carmelo Anthony is a franchise cornerstone for 13 years! Now the team finally has a player to get the fans excited about in Kristaps Prozingis who is only 21 and has been playing unbelievable since he was drafted. Why does Phil Jackson want to get rid of the budding-superstar? It obviously started when Porzingis started to express his displeasure with the team, HE ADMITTED TO NOT EVEN KNOWING THE TRIANGLE OFFENSE THAT WELL. The dysfunction of the organization was also noted by Porzingis. The real nail in the coffin appears to be that Porzingis skipped the exit meeting, which Jackson claims has never happened to him in his 25-30 years of coaching. That is absolutely childish. The problem with Phil Jackson is that he can not communicate with the younger players of today, he is too old school. We in Philadelphia like to call this the Chip Kelly effect, except that at least Phil Jackson has accomplished something, a lot of somethings.


Not only are the Knicks dysfunctional, but the best player on their team knows it and they want to ship him out over it. They still have Carmelo Anthony and the oft-injured Derrick Rose, and the 8th overall pick which pushes them too far back to nab a superstar.

The 76’ers on the other hand have an awesome future. joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Dario Saric, and Markelle Fultz will form probably the most encouraging nucleus of young players in the entire league. Robert Convington can shoot and if we can talk Jahlil Okafor into being happy coming off the bench then he can be a solid 6th man, just do not expect much defensively.  Not to mention that as of right now the team has sold the most season tickets for the 2017-2018 year and are expected to sell out every home game as well BECAUSE WE ARE THE MOST PASSIONATE AND LOYAL FAN BASE IN THE LEAGUE. The team right now looks to have all of the right players and we can finally begin to look towards the playoffs and after a couple years of development can make the push.

Thank you Sam Hinkie, at the very least you set this team up to be better than the Knicks. After the years of dreadful basketball, we deserve this, we deserve to finally take pleasure in another team embarrassing themselves.

-Richie Wielgus


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