Full Scouting Report on Markelle Fultz

With the Sixers making the trade for first overall official yesterday, Fultz appears to have a one way ticket to Philadelphia. With the draft starting June 22nd, it is time to take a closer look at who appears to be the teams PG, hopefully for the net decade-plus.


The first thing you notice when you look at Fultz is his 6’5 frame and his 6’10 wingspan.  His instincts are  far superior to that of the normal 19 year old ball player. Fultz can orchestrate his offense and is a very solid 3-level scorer. He finishes very strongly at the rim, has above average mid-range scoring, and hit 41% of his 3’s in college. As well as having an elite-scoring skill set, Fultz also has great body control and even better handles which he just recently showcased on sports science. As an offensive prospect, Fultz can literally do everything, he can score from anywhere, he is great in finding open teammates, he is a very solid rebounder, especially for a guard. On the defensive side of the ball he still has some work that needs to be done but he simply has a nose for the ball and his wingspan does not hurt either.

fultz 2


His defense remains his biggest weakness, though he does do somethings right, he does not give as much effort as you would like to see from your potential franchise player. The other big criticism about Fultz is that we do not know if he has the desire to win or if he is more interested in padding his stats. Instead of choosing to attend an elite program like Kentucky or Kansas, he chose to attend the lowly Washington program where the competition is easier and the expectations are not so high.


Markelle Fultz is an elite offensive talent who can completely change and command an offense. He is unique in terms of being able to fit with any team’s style of play. With Fultz playing for Washington, not a lot of games have been nationally televised game so tape of him in college is more limited than most elite prospects. His questions regarding his will to win and his lack of a killer instinct are a bit worrisome but he is with out a doubt the best prospect in this draft. He is the guard this team has been looking for.

-Richie Wielgus



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