Sixers and Celtics Talking Trade

I usually do not like wasting time talking or writing about rumors but this seems to be something with considerable substance. I didn’t really give a shit when the Philly media were the only ones talking about it because they are all hacks, but with ESPN now also reporting it, it actually might be true!

The Celtics obviously own the first overall and they are reportedly in “advanced talks” with the Sixers who possess the third. One of the main components of the trade would be the flop of first round picks, the tricky part is what we would send to Boston along with the third pick. Luckily, since it is only up 2 spots, the team won’t be required to sell the farm.

I am intrigued with the possibility of the team selecting first overall (again) and even more intrigued with the fact that we won’t have to red shirt our first round pick this year (knock on wood.)


The point guard position for this team right now is dreadful, many want Ben Simmons to play the PG position, but it would be nice to have a natural guard fill the position. Arguably, the top 2 prospects in this draft are Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball who are both point guards.

The main reason i believe the Sixers are making the push to move up is because with the top 2 prospects being point guards and the Sixers drafting outside of the top 2, the team wants to make sure we end up with one of them. The team does not want to get stuck with another big man or forward. This move would be purely a safety-valve move.

The expected target at first overall is Fultz who many NBA draft experts view as a franchise player and difference-maker. Fultz has decent size, incredible athleticism, good instincts, and a solid shot. He has had a similar college career to Ben Simmons where he has filled stat sheets but played for non competitive programs. He also does not have a very annoying and outspoken dad.

If the team decides to go with Lonzo, the team can expect a point guard with great height (6’6′) but a bit of a lanky body type. He is lean, with thin legs, great alley-oop target. His size gives him the range to match up against other team’s bigger players, he uses his instincts to always gravitate towards the ball. Ball is not going to be one that forces shots for the sake of shooting and he is very good inside of the arc where he can utilize his bigger frame.


According to David Aldridge who is apparently a big deal in the Twitter-universe, the Sixers will not pull the trigger on any trade until the team locks-up a pre-draft meeting with Fultz.

My biggest fear is that the Sixers go through all of this trouble to get the Celtics pick and draft someone like Josh Jackson. The team does have several players we can include in a trade (Okafor?????) but lets not give up anyone significant (Saric,  Embiid, Simmons.)

If the Sixers were smart, which I am not sure they are, I would offer them 3 and next years first and take it from there. I would also be willing to add in an additional year’s first as well especially if the team really feels Fultz is the future.


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