For the sake of the Fans, we need this season to be a failure.

After a hiatus from the blog I return…to some people I completely understand why I was not missed. I can be arrogant, brash and have the ability to call out Philadelphia and their fans because as one of them, I want us to be better. We are hands down the most passionate and emotionally invested in our teams. With that being said, we are not perfect. We lack the ability to understand that success takes time and patience, two things that us in Philadelphia are not willing to give our teams. For anyone that has fought the idea of the “Process” the Sixers are going through…I do not want to talk to you because you don’t understand how the NBA works. For the people complaining that the Phillies suck? Who cares! they are rebuilding and rebuilding in the MLB is the hardest sport to do it in. If you have read my previous articles you know first hand that I hate Howie Roseman with a passion that burns so deep that I want to see the Eagles go 0-16 because I know it means he will be fired and that is what is in the best interest of the Eagles.  It might sound crazy and ridiculous but people thought Einstein was crazy and ridiculous….

To follow suit, I will start with the same tone. I hate you Howie Roseman, everything about you. Your lack of football knowledge, your arrogance and your inability to understand what the fuck you are doing. You preached that you were going to give Carson Wentz players he can grow with. Oh yeah? You signed Alshon Jeffrey to a one year deal, Torrey Smith who couldn’t survive in SF and Blount who the Patriots did not want anymore. Hey Howie…the Patriots fleeced you in the Eric Rowe trade, when the hell are you going to learn your lesson? This isn’t Madden…you can’t just turn off your Xbox when shit hits the fan, you have to sleep in the bed you made and I hate you so much god please just leave Philadelphia.

Back to the reason why I started writing this blog, sorry that Howie got to me. It happens, its a force of nature. He is just that puppy that keeps crapping on that carpet and you just keep hitting him on the nose telling him he’s a bad boy.

2017 is a critical year for the Eagles. I want to run an idea by everyone. The Eagles went and hired a head coach in Doug Peterson that NO ONE ELSE pursued. They went and drafted Carson Wentz which I am still on the fence about (Rookie quaterbacks only succeed when they are brought into the game as “Game Managers”) the only exception are guys like Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning. These are two potential Hall of Fame quaterbacks, and even Andrew Luck has been consistently hurt because he does not have an O-Line capable of blocking anyone. We are asking Carson Wentz to lead the team. If Carson fails….we as a team and city fail.

Carson showed flashes of potential greatness and has the charisma that any franchise quarterback needs but the facts are simple, he is not accurate and struggles throwing the deep ball. If you can not stretch the field, you can not open your run game (one the Eagles do not have) My prediction is that the Eagles go 7-9 or maybe 8-8 if they are lucky. I do think the Eagles have the potential of going 6-10, not likely but its sure not a crazy idea.

At the end of the day, the Eagles have turned themselves into the New Orleans Saints. The NFC East has quickly turned itself from a defensive minded division into potentially the highest scoring division in the NFL. Offensive players such as Ezekiel Elliot,Dez Bryant, Dak Presscot, Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shepard, Kurt Cousins, Terrelle Pryor, Jamison Crowder and Jordan Reed. THATS JUST IN THEIR DIVISION! They also face the following teams….

  • Chiefs (Tyreek Hill and Andy Reid who we know will get his team ready for this game)
  • Panthers (Cam Newtown, Greg Olson, Christian McCaffrey, Johnathan Stewart)
  • Raiders (Derek Carr, Amari Cooper)
  • Cardinals (David Johnson)
  • Seahawks (Russell Wilson)
  • Chargers (Philip Rivers, Melvin Gordon,Keenan Allen and Mike Williams)

At the end of the day, the Eagles face some of the toughest offenses in the NFL and they are no where near equipped the handle this. At the end of the day, our season rests on the shoulder of Carson Wentz.

But hear me out! At the end of the day, Howie Roseman did NOTHING to upgrade the defense. Think about it, If Timmy Jernigan was so good…why did Ozzie Newsome get rid of him? If Patrick Robinson was so good why did we get him so cheap? Our Corner backs might be some of the worst in the NFL. Did we upgrade our linebackers? NOPE. With all these truths how can you look at this team and expect a .500 plus team? No evidence at all shows this team can compete in this division.


I expect 2017 to be a disaster of a season, but at the end of the day people…this is what is best for the organization. We need to hit rock bottom so Jeffrey Laurie is forced to restructure this organization. If you think Joe Douglas is making the decisions in Philadelphia you are sorely mistaken. “Well Joe Douglas was running the show in Baltimore” Where did you hear this? Eliot Shorr-Parks? Ozzie Newsome is the boss in Baltimore. We need “FOOTBALL GUYS” in Philadelphia. Guys who have come through the ranks, paid their dues and have an understanding of how to win in the NFL. We need a head coach who is an innovator and who can motivate grown men to give everything they have to win a championship…..because we deserve better then what we are getting now.


-Joe Stoll


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