Next Champion in Philadelphia is?

Welcome to the boring part of the Summer. This is the time before the NFL starts their training camps, the NHL, and NBA just ended, and the Baseball post season is still a few months away. Instead of writing countless nonsensical articles like every other website out there, lets look at a hot button topic such as: Which Philadelphia sports team will bring this city our next Championship.

The short answer: between the Flyers, and Eagles.

*We believe both teams are in similar stages of building championship teams*

Please allow me to elaborate;

The Flyers really might be the closest to winning a Championship in Philadelphia. Yes they have their issues, with finding a true number one goalie, fixing the defensive mess they have, possibly finding a captain replacement for Claude Giroux (the jury is still out). They have the head coach in Dave Hakstol, who people really want to see get fired for his last season’s antics. Time is winding down for this team, because of all the prospects they have in the minors.  Last season towards the end, Ron Hextall should have played the major prospects in the last 10-12 games of the season, knowing the team wasn’t going to make playoffs. Yes its only 10-12 games, but its playing time in the big league. They are young kids, they still have so much time to mature, but if this team is going to win a championship, they need to get these kids experience. Preseason doesn’t count, because you’re not playing against other teams top players. It’s mainly a bunch of prospects trying to showcase their talents, and possibly make the roster, with a few veterans playing. The team is setup perfectly, with the prospects we have in the minors, and everywhere in Canada, and Europe. Time is now for them to be playing, Get the experience, get rid of the terrible contracts some of these players have, and let the kids play!

hextall lol

The Eagles really are not that far off from winning a title! I know it sounds crazy to think winning a title before winning a playoff game for the first time in 9 years. I feel we talk about this every single season and watch as every season, our beloved Eagles find unique ways to disappoint us. This team is really something special, and its been a long time feeling this way (no, I did not buy in to that “dream team” hype or the excitement behind Nick Foles). Probably since 2004, when we did make the Super Bowl, but lost to the Patriots. We have a wonderful QB, in Carson Wentz, we just signed a stud in Alshon Jeffery who is a true number one receiver. We have one of the best defenses in football, just lacking experience at corner back, but that will come in time. We have a young head coach, in Doug Pederson, who played in the league, who played for the Eagles, knows what its like to play in this city. This team if it all stays in tact, and the players buy into what Coach Pederson says, and what the front office says to them, this team could POSSIBLY, become a dynasty. To become a dynasty, they have to get over the playoff loss hump. Take each game at a time, finish each game off, make the playoffs, and fight. It’s going to be tough, with such competition in the East, with Green Gay, Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta, just to name a few. This is really an exciting team for sure, they have the stars, but can they all come together, and play as a team? Only time will tell.

howie roseman

I am very disappointed to say that the Eagles, and Flyers are the closest to winning a title here, but the Sixers are a disgrace, and the Phillies literally have no clue what they are doing. It really is disappointing, for the city of Philadelphia, and us fans.

The ultimate answer: Eagles

Honorable Mention: The Philadelphia Spinners

-Paul Makalsky


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