In a Lost Season, we can Afford to be Patient With Franco

Whenever a hitter goes in to a slump, the rule of thumb is for the player to “keep swinging,” right? For once, lets not all boo the crap out of our players just because they are in the middle of a funk. Far too many times do we want instant results and the second a player, no matter how good they can potentially be, starts to drop off, we boo them in to submission.

Maybe the reason why so few players truly succeed in Philly is because not every athlete is born with that “blue collar” attitude we not only want, but expect from our players. Sure it would be nice if every player was tough and played their hardest every single play, but not everyone can be Chase Utley.

Franco is the best Power hitter this team has had since Ryan Howard before the horrific Achilles injury.


This picture still makes me cringe.

howard torn


Right off the bat lets be honest with ourselves, even during the hot streak to start the season, did we really believe that this team is built to contend this year? Remove your bias and just answer “no” so I can continue on. I am and always will be a “glass half-full” kind of guy, so if we are going to look at this lost season as anything, lets look as it as a year we can be patient. This team, this year, is going nowhere, instead of calling for Franco to get sent down, let him continue to get this practice until he hits himself out of this funk.

Lets not forget that he is only 24 years old, sending him down to the AAA for anything but a rehab stint (if he was injured) could be very detrimental to his development in to a premier power-hitter.

franco fielding

Franco is fun to watch, he can hit the ball out of the stadium every time he makes contact with it, lets not run him out of town like countless other athletes and then wonder why they have so much success in markets where the fans are not so overbearing Baseball in itself is a very patient sport, lets also be patient with the players.

I want to root for a winning team as much as the next person but if you watch the teams that develop in to long term dynasties such as the Patriots, Penguins, and Golden State (before KD) they are the most patient and savvy franchises around. Championships can not be easily bought in Baseball (the Yankees are an exception because fuck them.) It is time we develop our home-grown talent, allow them to develop properly, and show some GOD DAMN PATIENCE. The management and the fans need to work together and show these players that as long as they play their hearts out every play of every game, they will have our support.

-Richie Wielgus




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