How Should the Sixers Address the PG position?

NBA draft is right around the corner, and the Sixers know what they need to do. Well that’s at least what us fans hope for. We need guards, let’s see what they do with the third pick.


The Sixers hold the third pick in this upcoming draft later this month. A lot of speculation has it that Markelle Fultz goes number one to the Celtics, followed by Lonzo Ball to the Lakers. This is where it gets tricky for the Sixers because there are multiple routes the team can go. They can trade the pick, and move back, they can draft best available, or go and draft what they actually need which is a point guard. Fultz would be a great addition to the team, because he can control the floor, he can score, and also move the ball around. The chances of the Celtics not drafting him number one, is very very low. Then there’s also the chance Lonzo falls to us, but is LaVar ball really something we need in this city? I mean the guy is just down right annoying. Lonzo for sure can play, but his dad is the main reason why a lot of teams might just look past him, which is why he will probably go to the Lakers at number two. The Sixers have to be really smart with this pick, and put a lot of thought in this pick. The best root for the Sixrs to go, is to draft De’Aaron Fox, out of Kentucky. Kentucky is known for producing such wonderful point guards, just look at John Wall for the wizards, or Rajon Rondo who won an NBA championship with the Celtics. Fox played nearly 30 minutes a game, averaging 17 PPG, 4 REB, and just under 5 AST a game. Those are solid numbers for a point guard. The Sixers could also draft Fox’s teammate Malik Monk, another point guard, with wonderful upside. A lot of scouts think one of these two kids, could be the best player, if not players in the draft. Monk averaged 20 PPG, 3 REB, AND 2 AST per game. Either one would do for this Sixers team. Everyone who is a Sixers fan, really wants Ben Simmons to control the point guard position, but why? Simmons is 6’10, 240 pounds. He needs to play down on the block with Embiid, and Saric.


Depending on how the draft goes, free agency could be another route for the sixers looking for a point guard. With almost 47 million dollars in cap space next year, look for the Sixers to make a run for a top end point guard. Notable free agents at the position next year include Steph Curry (not a chance,) Chris Paul (probably not,) and Kyle Lowry (most likely.) Steph isn’t leaving his wonderful kingdom in Golden State, with a chance to win a ring this year, and many more years to come. Chris Paul is 30 now, but still has a lot to offer still. He is very intelligent, but wants a ring, will most likely stay put in LA, or make a move to San Antonio. Kyle makes the most sense. With being from Philadelphia, Lowry makes sense coming home. Being aged 31, no one really knows how many more years Kyle has left, but why not come home? Come mentor a young point guard, help this team make the playoffs as an eighth seed, or seventh seed.


This draft class, and free agency could really hinder on how well the Sixers do in the future. Do not mess this up please. We all beg you, sincerely Sixers fans!


-Paul Makalsky


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