OTA Updates

OTAs, or “Organized Team Activities” is the point during the off season right before training camp where the players run around in short sleeves and shorts. OTAs should be taken very lightly but they are still fun to talk about, lets get started:

Fletcher Cox

After skipping last week of work outs, Fletcher Cox is back in Philly today just in time for the second week of work outs. His absence during week 1 drew the ire of Philadelphia fans last week especially after signing that big extension but remember, OTAs are VOLUNTARY.


Nelson Agholor

Yet again, practices are in t-shirts. Maybe a light finally came on or maybe it is all of the new competition being introduced but Agholor seems to be looking really sharp. He is running crisp routes, and not dropping any passes. We will not get a better ideal until the pads come on about whether or not Agholor is finally improving but the time is now for him to show us what he can do or he may not be on the team this time next year.

Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith

I group these two together because both of these players were brought in this season as free agents and are both expected to make instant impacts on our offense. Wentz seems to be getting chemistry with both players and the goal is to get both of them up to speed on the offense and the playbook before the mandatory minicamp begins in mid-June.

Derek Barnett

Derek Barnett was the team’s first round pick this year (obviously.) That being said, all eyes and pressure will be on him to perform up to the expectations of being a first round pick and a huge city like Philadelphia. Throughout his first week at OTAs he has battled one of the better offensive lineman in the league in Lane Johnson the majority of the time. He has been consistently getting in to the backfield and applying pressure on Carson Wentz. Barnett has been impressing his teammates as well. Obviously its been one week and pads are not even being worn but at least he is not struggling.

Marcus Smith

Now this does not make a lot of sense, Smith has been a no-show throughout the OTAs. Even though these are voluntary, it is not wise for someone fighting for a roster spot to skip out on team activities. I assume he is working out on his own but he is giving up valuable time with his coaches. His reasons for skipping OTAs are currently unclear but lets hope he returns to the team soon.

Carson Wentz

Now for the one we have all been waiting for. There should be some growing pains early this off season because of all of the new pieces added to the offense but once the chemistry is gained the team can gel. Wentz has spent a portion of this off season with a passing guru to perfect his footwork, mechanics, and throwing motion. Thus far during the OTAs Wentz has looked accurate and his timing has been decent.


There will be nothing to really talk about until the pads eventually come on during training camp. For right now, there is not a whole lot to talk about.

-Richie Wielgus


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