Upgrades Needed

This Phillies team is on the verge of being one of the worst teams of all time. There are holes across the team but our bullpen looks like a minor league team out there this season.


The 2017 Philadelphia Phillies team is playing some of the worst baseball in team history, and it’s mainly because of the bullpen.  The starting pitchers aren’t doing their job, which cause a chain reaction which results in the bullpen getting called into action way too early. There is no reason why the bullpen should be in the game starting the fifth inning, or sooner. It’s a joke, and it’s not going to help the team win games. The starting pitching has to do a better job going deeper into games. The bullpen isn’t going to win you every game, but they are meant to help win a vast majority of games. Not only do the phillies have issues in the bullpen, the team doesn’t even have a number one closer. This team isn’t going to contend until 2018-2019, or maybe 2020 at best, and until we can get a number one closer, the team is going to continue to fail.

This was fun.

brad lidge


The team needs to get a new pitching coach. Bob McClure has been here since 2014, and has made 0 impact on the pitchers. He is supposed to help these kids get better and improve but the impact just is not there. What he is doing, IS NOT WORKING. WE HAVE THE WORST E.R.A IN THE LEAGUE!. It’s time to get a new pitching coach in ASAP, and help these kids who have such great potential with Nola, Velasquez, just to name a few. Making trades isn’t going to help with anything unless we can sneak an impact pitcher away from another ball club? I mean if we were only a few games under .500, then i would say make a trade for some help in the bullpen, but no one is going to come here, and help this team. They have to figure it out, and on their own. Either it’s by changing mechanics, change how they approach a batter, something has to change. The bullpen is burnt out by the second game of a three game series because they have to come in so damn early.


The only other option the team has, is to bring up players from Triple-A, and see what they can do. Something has to change right now, if the team wants to contend soon, and become an attractive destination for free agents.


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