Flyers Draft Targets at the 2nd Pick

Now say it with me, “Lets not screw this up.”


Having the second overall pick in ANY draft usually guarantees an elite prospect. After trudging through a full season, having it end with out a playoff berth, the team was due some good fortune. No one expected it to come in the form of landing the second overall pick against all odds. For once the lottery balls fell in our favor, projected to draft at 13th, the Flyers will be heading in to the June draft with the second overall pick, behind only the beloved (sarcasm) New Jersey Devils.

I am a big fan of best player available mantra, mostly because it greatly reduces the possibility of a draft pick being a bust so lets take a look at some possibilities for our beloved (not sarcasm) flyers.

Name: Nolan Patrick Position: Center  Height: 6’3  Weight: 200 lbs Junior Team : Brandon (WHL)   

Summary: A big body that can skate. Ranked as the top skater in North America by NHL Central Scouting despite his injury riddled season, Patrick looks to be a definite top two pick. After being named captain to start the season, injuries started to pile up but he still ended the season with 46 points in 33 games, average of 1.39 points a game.

Dan Marr, who is the NHL director of Central Scouting had this to say: “Patrick is as complete an NHL package as you are going to find. From his pedigree, his skills, and assets, to his performance impact to date, he has everything any NHL team is looking for in a top prospect.”

nolan patrick'

Name: Nico Hischier  Position: Center  Height: 6’1 Weight: 176  Junior Team: Halifax (QMJHL)

Summary: The SECOND best skater ranked by NHL Central Scouting,  Hischier is another can’t miss prospect. Hischier is well known for his offensive capabilities and his hockey sense. Last season in 57 games Hischier is responsible for 86 points.

Name:Owen Tippett Position:RW Height: 6’0 Weight:200 Junior Team: Mississauga (OHL)

Summary: I can easily sell this prospect to every one in the city of Philadelphia with two words and one hyphen: “shoot-first.” Like Ovechkin, Tippett will position himself in a nice scoring area and just simply scores. He is more than just a pretty shot, he can skate and has tremendous break away speed once he sees open ice. He may not be a target for the flyers as high as number 2, but if they view Patrick’s injuries serious enough this player would make a lot of sense.

Name: Jake Oettinger Position: Goalie  Height: 6’4 Weight:  205 NCAA Team: Boston University

Summary: Obviously not a prospect at 2nd overall but definitely someone to keep an eye on later down the road. Arguably the top goalie prospect this year, there are a lot of question marks around our goalies so I would not be particularly surprised to see us address the position at some point during the draft. This is a consistently efficient goalie who will be able to steal games for whatever team ends up drafting him. He has the potential to be one of the rare goalies drafted in the first round, hopefully he will be there for our second pick.



This draft will be fun, and will set up the Flyers for an incredible future.

-Richie Wielgus



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