The Browns of Baseball?

The 2017 Philadelphia Phillies, might be worse than the 2016 team. Even after the hot start, this is looking to be the same team we saw last year. After comparing schedules, the Phillies sit at 15-26 as of May 22, 2017. At this point last year they were sitting at 25-19! You might be mind blown by this, after the nice little off season we just had. Signing Michael Saunders, was a great addition, especially for a hitters ballpark like Citizens Bank. We traded for Howie Kendrick, who has had a solid career. If the Phillies want to contend soon, they need to get a few things situated. For starters, Pete Mackanin, cannot be the coach after this season. Yes, the Phillies did just extend his contract through 2018, with a club option for 2019. At that point, the Phillies will still be in their rebuild, their seemingly endless rebuild. It’s time for a change, and it has to start with the manager. Mackanin is obviously not solely responsible for the way his team is playing but the Mackanin show has been real fun, time for a change.

I only added this picture because it is bound to make someone happy.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia Phillies

Player accountability is also a big issue. They have to be accountable for the issues, just as much as the manager.They are the one’s who go out, and play everyday. Playing in Philadelphia is a tough job, because of how much us fans love our sports. There are reasons not many players stay in this city for their entire career. Either we grow sick of the player or the player grows sick of the city. We aren’t accustomed to our team’s not contending, or not winning. If you want to play in Philadelphia, at least show some heart. I think the Phillies really need to get themselves a manager, who wants to win and that can handle the pressure of Philadelphia. The free agent classes over the next few years, have some wonderful players in it. You think they are going to come to Philly just to lose? HELL NO. Players make it to the top because of their competitive nature and their will to constantly win, the Phillies are right now looking to be the Cleveland Browns of baseball. NO ONE WANTS TO BE THE BROWNS OF ANYTHING. The 76’ers are a lottery team every single year and have not won a championship in forever but even they are a more attractive free-agent destination than the Phillies. I am tired of all of this talk about the “future” because that is how we justify the fact that none of our sports teams can win. For once the Eagles are doing it right and trying to build a team that can compete NOW. I, as a faithful Philadelphia sports fan, am tired of the draft being the most exciting part of the season.


There is always next year


-Paul Makalsky


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