Ryan Howard Looks to be Done

For a second, lets ignore the Ryan Howard that played a bad last few seasons in Philly and enjoy the MVP and home run king Ryan Howard. On May 8th, the Atlanta Braves terminated their contract with Ryan Howard, making him a free agent. It is unlikely that another team will sign a 37 year old that has obviously not been the same since tearing his Achilles tendon in his last at-bat of the 2011 NLDS.

I am not going to let his abysmal last 5 years with the team sour me on him, from 2005-2010, he was an absolute force to reckon with. From winning rookie of the year, NL MVP, he also leas the league in home runs twice and RBI’s three times. This is the end of an era not only for the team but even for the sport of baseball.

Philadelphia Phillies v Pittsburgh Pirates

Thank you Ryan Howard for delivering the fans a World Series and 5 stellar seasons. During his prime, the Phillies were one of the best teams in all of baseball, even people who were not fans of baseball could sit down and enjoy watching the ’08 team play.

One of the best, classiest players in baseball, is without a team.


-Richie Wielgus


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