Day 2 Targets

The first round was a success, the Eagles did not crash and burn. Yay! We made it! Now time for the second day of the NFL draft, rounds 2 and 3. The team did not draft a corner back, a running back, or a sliding Reuben Foster. What we did get though is a 20 year old defensive end who broke Reggie White’s sack record at Tennessee (more on Barnett later)

The team still has glaring needs at corner and running back and both should be addressed tonight. Lets take a look at the top corners and running backs still remaining in this draft:

Running Backs

  1. Dalvin Cook-  Cook probably should have been drafted by now especially considering that he was a big topic of conversation for the Eagles taking him at 14. After two Running backs went in the top 10 it looked like he was going to come off the board soon, definitely by the end of the day. That was not the case. For the Eagles to land him it would call for either a huge slide or a trade of some sort. Cook has decent speed and strength. He changes direction quickly, can freeze safeties with hesitation moves and has fast breakaway speed. His biggest weaknesses are that he is not the toughest when running inside and he tends to be impatient bouncing it outside when he should go inside.
  2. Joe Mixon- A running back that can very realistically be there at our pick, Mixon is fun. His off the field issues have caused his draft stock to fall but if we are talking about Joe Mixon the running back, it can be a toss-up between him and Cook. This is a guy that can make you miss and then run through you. He has a good burst and once he turns the corner he is gone. Unlike Dalvin Cook, Mixon can be too patient. His vision is just ok and some times dances when he should just go.
  3. D’onta Foreman- A big guy who has no business being as athletic as he is. Can move East-South without really losing any momentum. Does not make any impressive moves but can still make defenses move bu shifting his body. Takes mores than one defender to take him down, and he can withstand a heavy workload. He needs faster decision making and for a big body he often tries to make people miss when he should run through them. Some times he can be too committed to where he is supposed to run and can not change decisions or track on the fly.the


Corner Backs

  1. Kevin king- A 6’3 corner back that can play anywhere in the secondary, there is a lot to like about him. He does not rely on using his body-frame to jam the receivers at the line but will use his body to force receivers towards the sideline reducing their window to make a catch. Not afraid to utilize his long limbs and and get physical with corners. He has average speed and can turn and locate the ball quickly. His speed is an issue because fast players can blow past him at the line in press-coverage. His height makes it harder for him to change direction quickly and is an arm tackler.
  2. Sidney Jones- Another versatile corner. Jones loves playing physical especially within the first 5 yards from scrimmage. Can watch a quarterbacks eyes while still shadowing his receiver. Can track passes down, anticipates routes, and has quick recovery when he is beat. Obviously he is recovering from injury and we are not exactly sure when he can return,. that is the biggest knock. He needs to add weight to compete with the size of NFL players, he can work on his footwork and patience.
  3. Teez Tabor- Can mirror a receiver throughout the course of a play. Has recovery speed, great hand-eye coordination, and is not afraid to try and force a fumble. The most glaring weakness is he has a slow 40 which will cause him to struggle against elite speed. Sometimes plays too deep and can lose footing when in transition, his play-making is very hit-or-miss.

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