Should NCAA Players Get Paid?

As someone who has not played a lick of sports in almost 10 years, only watch college football on occasion due to my work schedule, this problem is very near and dear to my heart. Football is obviously not the only college sport that gets televised and racks in millions upon billions of revenue, the most popular season long sport is football. March Madness is awesome, but it does not generate the excitement from the start of the season until the very end like football.

The NCAA has been one of the greediest organizations, they allow players to sacrifice their bodies without letting the same players reap any benefits from it. Only the really good prospects and athletes are looked after. The top athletes are the ones that get the free-ride scholarships and know that they have millions waiting for them once they reach the next level IF they do because you know, injuries (see: Marcus Lattimore). This article is for those not good enough to go to school for free and not good enough earn millions of dollars sacrificing their bodies all of these years without receiving any sort of compensation.

In 2011-2012, the most recent years that exact revenue numbers are available, the NCAA has earned $871.6 million while being considered a nonprofit according to their website and every year since from what I have been able to find, the NCAA has come lose to topping $1 billion every year since. There is plenty of money to go around and if they cut useless spending they would have even more funds available to pay their payers. All of the jersey sales, tickets, appearences and not one dime goes to the players that make it all possible. The only time a stdent athlete sees money is if a college booster recruits him with money which is a big violation.

Revenue Breakdown


My problem with this issue is not so much that players do not get a consistent salary, it is more so that they are punished for taking any money earned because the NCAA ownes them. Remember Todd Gurley? One of the better college running backs in the past 10 years and he was suspended indefinitly by a college that he has earned millions for because over the course of a couple of seasons he earned $3,000 signing autographs and memorabilia. Another player you may vaguely remember Cam Newton, well he spent the majority of his Heisman-winning season dealing with controverys regarding his dad accepting money from boosters in return for Cam’s services. You are talking about athletes who have earned this organization so much money, getting in a load of trouble becasue they wanted to earn money off of THEIR OWN NAME.

“Athletes Get Paid Too Much”

If someone approached you and offered you $100 million to play a game you love and have played your entire life, would you decline? Didn’t think so. The NFL makes so much money but the differenc is that their players get paid accordingly. You will make however much you company is worth. If you work for a small business chances are you won’t get paid as much if you worked in the same position of a bigger business.

This “not paying student athletes” is not so much a problem for NCAA basketball players because their eligibility rules are different.  March Madness is the best tournament in all of sports, it is always awesome to watch no matter if your team makes it or not. Shit, I am a fan of Temple basketball and I still find myself lost in the Madness that is March. To be eligible for the NBA draft all you have to do is be at least 19 and one year removed from highschool, that is it. Football players are usually redshirt their freshman year then play 2 years before they get drafted. You are talking at least 3 years before you can see any money whatsoever, so few are able to get jobs because of how demanding the sport is and how much work is required to be great.

This has always been such a popular news topic, especially since it seems every season someone gets in trouble for capitalizing on their own self. The entire country is corrupt, lets do what is right. If you do not want to pay these players then at the very least allow them to make money on their own.



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