Free Agency Recap

What a first day of free agency it has been.On paper, this makes 2 consecutive solid free agencies being lead by Howard Roseman. The team signed 2 receivers and a guard, all of whom could really help the team. In addition to the signings, Roseman decide it was time to say good-bye to Connor Barwin.

Lets analyze the signings:

Alshon Jeffery

The Eagles signed Jeffery to a one year, $14 million contract. This gives the team a big name wide receiver that we have been missing since Terrell Owens. Jeffery is big, standing 6’3, and fast, he ran a 4.48 at his pro day. Alshon has been held back by Jay Cutler, injuries, and a 4 game suspension his last season with the Bears. Even with all of the said handicaps, Jeffrey has put up 1,000 yards in the 2 seasons he has played all 16 games, and came close in the couple of seasons he hasn’t played all 16 (aside from his rookie year).

Do not let previous free agent busts scare you from being happy  and enjoying this. Assuming he stays healthy, offensive players are much safer signings than defensive players.If a wide receiver can catch, he can catch no matter what route he runs or who is throwing the ball.This is nothing like the Maxwell signing who looked even better thanks to the safeties who played behind him in Seattle, and I refuse to talk about Nnamdi. The only question mark about this TEAM FRIENDLY deal, is if he is the answer at the position long-term. The good news is that Alshon will make the decision for us without us being stuck with a bad contract for 5 years. The team was in a bad position in terms of cap space, the team should be able to free up more space next off season making a long term contract more doable.

Torrey Smith

YAY! A speedster! Receiver was arguably the weakest position on the team during the 2016 season, now it looks to be a strength. The team has a deep threat in Smith, and a guy that can consistently bring down 50/50 balls, and now this looks to move Jordan Matthews back in to the slot, where he has his most success. Smith just turned 28 in January and has been in the league since 2011. He has only hit 1,000 yards once but he makes his money as a home run hitter. Through his career, he has averaged 17 yards per reception.

This is another team friendly deal that Roseman did a good job negotiating. Wentz has a big arm and it is about time he gets a talented receiver that he can show it off with. For the first time maybe in franchise history, the Eagles have a QB that gives the team leverage in negotiations, players want to come to Philadelphia to play with Carson Wentz, things are coming together. Signing two solid receivers gives us flexibility in the draft, now we can draft defense, get some young players that fit in the scheme, and form a championship team.

Just look at what he is capable of at his best.torrey smith'

Chance Warmack

The less talked about of the 3 signings this could prove to be a solid addition. Warmack is only 25 and was a top 10 pick in the 2013 draft. The contract was only for 1 year $1.5 million so there is no risk with this signing whatsoever. Rated the best interior offensive lineman in his respected draft, he has not lived up to expectations. Durability has been a concern, he lost practically his entire 2016 season with a hand injury. A change of scenery could be exactly what the doctor ordered to revitalize his career.

Judging by the length and money on the contract this looks to be solely a depth signing, but anything can change. If Warmack has a strong training camp he could very well earn a starting job along the offensive line and we may see him beyond this year. I haven’t been this excited about the team since…..last year when the team drafted Carson Wentz.



Connor Barwin

This one hurts. No one has embodied the city like Barwin has but at the end of the day football is a business. No player has been as awesome, as classy, or has humbled as Barwin. When Billy Davis was the defensive coordinator and the team was running a 3-4 defense, Barwin was playing his natural position as an outside linebacker in the 3-4. He just does not have the same impact with Schwartz’s 4-3 scheme as a defensive end. The release has saved $7.75 million, and maybe can give some playing time to Vinny Curry and let him earn some of his money. This will unlikely be the last roster move the team makes. The team still has to decide on what to do with Mychal Kendricks and Ryan Mathews.








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