I forgive you Chip Kelly….

The Chip Kelly experiment in Philadelphia was just weird…

I am not here to absolve all of his sins, his time in Philadelphia started on a high note then trended down…ownership had to make a change and I respect that. However anyone who bitch slaps Howie Roseman deserves a chance at redemption. We have had some time to let the stink of Chip wear off so I want to talk about something that has been in the back of my mind for some time. I think Chip Kelly got screwed here in Philadelphia…

I am sure 100% of everyone reading this article has already tuned me out or has already written off this article as some sort of Jeff Mclane click bait (if you aren’t aware, Mclane got embarrassed again on 97.5 this past week) but hear me out…..

We all work in situations that are not ideal. We all work with people that we can not stand and we as the “millennial” generation know that we are treated unfairly. If an employee is not given the proper tools to succeed does he even have a chance? Any manager knows that when he comes into a new place of employment he has to rebuild the culture of the office. Chip “tried” doing that and I do not think he was given a chance or even the opportunity to do so. Here is some food for thought….Chip Kelly has received endorsements from Bill Belichick, Nick Saban and Tom Coughlin. Let that sink in that arguably the best NFL, Collegiate coach and the only coach to beat Belichick in the Super bowl of all time endorse Chip Kelly….before you go all “Philadelphia” let that sink in.

The Beginning

Chips first year with Andy Reid’s players was a success. The combination of Nick Foles, Lesean McCoy, Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin produced a 10 win season and a trip to the playoffs. Year 2 produced another 10 win season, unfortunately they missed the playoffs…so after 2 years Chip Kelly went 20-12 and carried a .625 winning percentage. Everything was on track for Chip Kelly to be Andy 2.0 with hopefully bringing a Super Bowl ring to the city of Brotherly Love….then everything went to shit and this is where I am having a fucking problem.

Maybe it is my issue with Eagles fans or my undying hatred for Howie Roseman…please read on.

The Start of the End

After two 10 win seasons, clearly bitch boy Howie Roseman had to get out of Philly. You can blame Chip Kelly for drafting Marcus Smith but every report by NFL people (NOT BEAT WRITERS) claims it was Howie Roseman making those picks. Chip had control over the 53 man roster but NOT over draft picks.

Did anyone ever stop and think why Tom Gamble was fired? Do you even know who Tom Gamble is?

Tom Gamble and Chip Kelly have a very strong relationship. Chip needed Tom, Chip is a football coach and needed Tom to handle the upstairs work.Here in Philadelphia we had a great set up, we had a new football coach coming off 2 10 win seasons and we had structure and stability….something we have not had in years. Unfortunately once again…Howie Roseman stands in the way. The power struggle between Tom Gamble and Howie started this, it did not get the coverage it deserves because I am positive the Eagles paid hacks like Jeff Mclane to not dive too much into this…oh yeah…I am sure they paid Gamble a good paycheck to keep quiet.

Once the dust settled and Gamble was fired, Chip went for Howie’s job…and he got it (think about it, why would Chip not go after GM power after Howie just fired Gamble?) Lurie is a dumbass but he is not that dumb. Stick with Roseman or give power to your coach with 20 wins in 2 seasons, the decision was not rocket science. I hope you kept reading because this is where I really get to express my views….HAHA.

Chip Kelly traded or released 4 major players…Lesean McCoy, Desean Jackson, Nick Foles, Jeremy Maclin. We decided to go all “Philadelphia” over these decisions but I can understand why all of these moves were made. I am not a football coach outside of multiple Super bowls in my madden franchise’s but I understand why Chip wanted to move on from these players. I don’t understand the obsession with Jeremy Maclin, he has only eclipsed 1,000 yards twice in his 7 year career. Desean Jackson has been productive but he is a home run hitter…did you really want to sign him to a long term deal?  McCoy is a tougher sell, I understand that because he has been the most productive out of all of the former Eagles..but isn’t Lesean the same guy who fought a cop, kicked a drunk girl out of a party bus and tried to throw an all female orgy sex party?  Oh yeah he called Chip Kelly racist….yeah Lesean is a real good guy for the culture of your locker room.   Oh I forgot Nick Foles….he’s a back up for Andy Reid now.

I could write for another 5 hours on this topic but I wont. My point throughout this whole article has always been its important for us to take a step back and re-evaluate everything. Chip Kelly made mistakes in Philadelphia but I think he got a raw deal here. I do not think he was given the tools to succeed. Look at the successful franchises in the NFL, they have stability starting at the top. The Eagles as much as fans love them need to realize they are trending towards the Cleveland Browns and not the New England Patriots. I do believe Chip Kelly and a real GM with a real VP of football operations can be successful in the NFL. Its sad to think after 2 10 win seasons the Eagles didn’t have a strong enough voice in the building to lock the door and not let Howie Roseman out of his office…


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