Meltdown on Ice

We were all fooled, the 10 game win streak, we knew, was too good to be true. The win streak gave us false hope for what appears to be a faltering team. There are several problems with this team, it is hard to pinpoint just one.

Our goalies can not stop a puck, our defense does not play defense and our offense does not score goals. Every player seems to be on some “drought of some sort” and we have no reason to believe this season will end in success. Is Hakstol to blame? Perhaps. Could Hextall have done better to surround him with a better team? Honestly I doubt it.

I do not owe a blind allegiance to Hextall at all, I was not even old enough to watch him play for this team. Before Hextall took over, this team was shit with no future. Right now, this team is shit with a future. I like having a future, but that’s just me.

It is time to sell sell and sell. No one should be safe except for some prospects in the pipeline.  No I am not suggesting a rebuild, a make over, a mani, or a pedi. Moves need to be  made, we need to rebuild the goalie position from the ground up.

Our only hope for the city was the Flyers, which appear to be further away than I previously thought.


In Hextall we trust



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