Gauging the Market: Jahlil Okafor Edition

What are we going to write about when Okafor gets traded? This is obviously a very exciting story for all of Philadelphia to follow.

With Demarcus Cousins getting traded for half of what he is worth yesterday it appears the market for big  men has been set…or has it? Sacramento dealt Cousins and Omri Casspi to the Pelicans for Tyreke Evans, Buddy Hield, Langston Galloway, and 2017 1st and 2nd round draft picks. The Kings got fleeced. I do not believe that this is a fair market value for a big man because there are a lot of variables with this deal.

First things first, The Kings are not known for being a smoothly run organization, for having class, or for even being functional. They had their new trade acquisitions fly commercial where the Pelicans treated their new players to a VIP experience. Cousins also probably hurt his value by having an attitude and butting heads with management. The Kings’ GM also said that he had a better trade offer a week prior, shit like that would not fly here.

If you expect the Sixers to gain more than the Kings did, then I have some bad new for you. Okafor is a FRACTION of the player Cousins is, the only reason Okafor even starts some games any more is because of caution with Embiid or injury with Noel.

In a way, the Kings foreshadowed how much we can expect to get for Jah but lets not judge anything from this move.

The trade deadline is tomorrow at 3 PM Eastern. Time is winding down, lets not fuck up.


-Richie Wielgus


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