Future Eagle…..Latavius Murray?

In the day and age of social media we have grown accustomed to taking everything posted very lightly. NFL free agent-to-be Latavius dropped a hint on his Instagram about where he is headed next season.


The fact is that yes it appears that Wentz and Latavius appear to have formed some kind of connection, but do not make a huge deal about it. Players work out with each other all the time during the offseason. Carson Wentz does not make decisions about who this team signs, though he may influence Mr. Howard Roseman’s decision. This picture was posted from the same instagram account that features Murray in Chicago Bulls’ gear and even a shoutout to Lebron James, the only difference is that the caption gives us hope.

Standing at 6’3, Latavius is bigger than most backs. He just turned 27, he was drafted in the 6th round out of UCF in the 2013 NFL draft. Coming out of college he ran a 4.38 40 which is blazing quick for someone of that stature.

It will make sense to sign Latavius (assuming we have the funds) because we know what he is capable of, he can run, he can catch, he can hold on to the ball and injuries are not a concern. There is always the argument ” he will be dogshit unless we fix our O-line first” well truthfully, our line is fine as long as Lane Johnson stays straight. Signing Latavius will make it so we do not have to waste a draft pick on a running back (probably top 2) and can therefore use that pick to address a bigger need or add O-line depth.

Do not let the Demarco Murray Signing scare you away from wanting Latavius. From the start, Demarco had all of the red flags that Latavius does not. Demarco just had a crazy workload behind the best offensive line in football (though the Raiders line are not too shabby), Demarco was not a fit for the scheme, or even close and we did not have a promising offense around Demarco. That is all different now.

This is proably just another case of Eagles fans fangirling but this one has the possibility to come true. It is time to surround Carson with weapons and let this peacock fly.



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