What are the Sixers Doing

No one knows what the team is doing right now in regards to their handling of the Jahlil Okafor situation. He knows there is a good chance he will be traded, he was even benched because of the rumors.

This is turning in to an incredibly awkward situation.  Bryan Colangelo is channeling his inner Sam Hinkie in the way this situation is being handled. If Okafor makes it past the trade deadline as a member of the Sixers, this will be a recipe for disaster.  Having someone on the team who does not want to be here, and who the management does not want to be here, can tear this team a part. For a team that is young and trying to develop, Colangelo needs to trade the bad apple for whatever he can get.


Every game there seems to be another story line. Okafor gets benched because of rumors, then he flies with the team, then he plays. There needs to be consistency in how this situation is handled. What will the team do if they let Okafor play (knowing he is on the way out) and he suffers a serious injury, or any injury really, and the team can either not trade him or get close to nothing in return.

Colangelo is showing a lot about himself in how he is handling this, and this is not a good sign. With a team so young and inexperienced, they have to be careful in how they handle these situations. The trade deadline is a week away, lets hope they do the right thing.



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