5 Wide Receivers to Target

Wide receiver has not been a strength for this team since the days we had the dynamic duo of Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson. It is time to fix that. The list of impending 2017 free agent wide recievers is relatively good looking, assuming all or most of the players make it to free agency. The long term answer will not be found here but boy there are some playmakers.

Torrey Smith- I choose to start this off with the only non free agent reciever on the list. This is a player who has been linked to the Eagles several times around the trade deadline and even during this offseason already. It makes sense to atleast inquire about him. He stretches the field, just turned 28, and his best years BY FAR have come in Baltimore when he had a QB that can get it to him.Torrey holds many Baltimore rookie records and run after catch records as well. He can be the playmaker this team needs without costing too much, his 4.41 40 won’t hurt either. Maybe a Mychal Kendricks for Torrey Smith trade can happen? Off the field, he is also very likable and even founded his own non-profit charity.

Contract details:

$6.5 mill base salary, contract expires in 2020 when he is 31.

Alshon Jeffery- This is the sexiest name on the list by far. At 6’3, with a 4.48 40, and the biggest hands in the world, Jeffery has reason to dominate every facet of the game. He can run past people, and jump higher than every corner so there are reasons why we drool over the idea of Alshon playing for the Eagles. Unfortunately for him, he has been stuck playing under Jay Cutler which has not ended well for any one involved. Jeffery certainly will not be cheap. Do not let past free-agent busts scare you from wanting someone like him on the team, this man is a DIFFERENCE-MAKER. He will obviously cost quite a bit of money, but with a few moves Roseman can clear up more than enough space.

Market Value:

5 yrs, $61,048,826

Avg.: $12,209,765

(courtesy of Spotrac)

Desean Jackson- Yes, a name Eagles fans love. and for good reason. Desean delivered us some of the most exciting moments in recent memory, until Chip Kelly got rid of him FOR NOTHING. He should have never left but he did and his contract with the Redskins is up. Publicly, he has stated he would love to go back to the Redskins, but what player doesn’t say that whenever they are asked about their contract? He also did not dismiss the idea of reutrning to the city that drafted him. I am taking everything he says very lightly until he actually makes his decision or even narrows his teams down. I will not get in to details about what he can do for this team because we saw it when he played for us and saw it twice a year every year since. It is a very realistic possibility he finds his way back here, and I know the vast majority would love that.

Market Value:

2 yrs, $15,217,419

Avg. Salary: $7,608,710

(courtesy of Spotrac)

Pierre Garcon- Another Redskins’ player that the Eagles may be interested in? This is weird. No one knows what the Redskins are going to do, they can keep both of their recievers, they can choose to keep only one of their receivers, they can even opt to keep neither of these 2. Garcon can catch and he can run…the 2 fundamentals every Eagles reciever lacks. This may be partially biased because I was a huge fan of his on the Colts. He never put up consistent 1,000 yard seasons (he only had 2, including this past season), but he always managed to be a PPR machine. One season he managed to put up 113 catches (Redskins record) and 1,346 yards, not too bad. He obviously is not that player anymore, at 30 he probably only has a couple productive seasons left but I do not think anyone would be opposed to him spending those years in Philly.

Market Value

3 yrs, $26,312,170

Avg. Salary: $8,770,723

(courtesy of Spotrac)

Terrelle Pryor- This is an option that almost no one is talking about. Making just $1.6 million last year with the Browns, this looks to be the cheapest option (though his youth might change that).  Born right in Pennsylvania, the 27 year old ex-Ohio State QB seems to have found his calling. After being drafted by the raiders in the supplemental draft back in 2011 and then bouncing around between several teams, the lowly Browns finally saw his potential. Why do I think he would work here? Besides the obvious fact that this ex-QB had more yards last season than anyone on the Eagles roster who has played the position their entire life, he offers something this front office loves: versatility. He can play receiver, running back, QB, and even lined up at safety for a play or 2. Needless to say he will do anything to help the team win. His versatility is enough to excite any team, the only problem for him is that he does not have the longevity to warrant NFL-wide praise….yet. He had one solid year, it is up to a team, maybe the Eagles, to determine whether that was a fluke or not.

Market Value

4 yrs, $35,649,429

Avg. Salary: $8,912,357

(courtesy of Spotrac)



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