Maybe it is Time to Panic

As an optimist, I always tend to look on the bright side of everything. That goes for everything especially our Philadelphia Flyers (really, just every team). A few weeks ago i published an article about maybe it was not the time to panic. This team is simply looking flat. Yesterday, the Flyers actually won a game in OVERTIME which was pretty…unique, actually not really, the team has not been necessarily bad in OT. Unless we find the answer to goalie, we will need to panic.

The Flyers right now are an average team, with a record of 5-4-1 in their last 10. The one reason the team is struggling is that they simply allow way too many goals. I have gone on and on til’ the break of dawn in previous posts about how I could care less about this season. Does that make me a bad fan? To some, probably. No one expected this season to be anything special, this year is just a year for the young guys to gain experience. There is no reason to be so caught up in a potential playoff berth just to get bounced early when you can miss the postseason, draft another potential franchise cornerstone, and make an already bright future look even brighter. Trust the Process. I am a hockey enthusiast, I just simply love the sport. Give me a fast paced game where the players can hit and beat the shit out of each other with reasonably priced tickets and it is a wrap.

I am still not going to call for Hakstol’s head. Worst case scenario, he makes it to half way through next season. Having some continuity at the head coaching position will certainly help everyone develop. As much as I love this city and the awesome sports teams, we need to stop driving people away. Fans were calling for Brett Brown’s head last season now he is finally getting some respect for what he is doing for the Sixers.


Fans of the sport, enjoy this team, enjoy this season, enjoy this ride. Fans that are not interested in watching a team with minimal shot at the Stanley Cup, gives us a year, give us 2 years, wait until half of the team can legally drink in the U.S and you will not be disappointed.  This is very exciting, and we are only scratching the surface.


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