Goodbye Mcklevin

Leodis Mckelvin, the worst corner back this team has seen since Bradley Fletcher, is officially gone. In his only season with the Eagles, he has had 16 pass breakups and 2 interceptions. This should come as no surprise with his below average play and this is the time of the year where veterans begin to get released as cap casualties (see Sam Shields.)

When he was signed it was obvious he was not in the long term plans, he was someone who just simply knew the scheme. A placeholder for the season much like Chase Daniels at QB. Mckelvin is 31 who was drafted in the 1st round back in 2008 by the Bills, was signed to a 2 year contract last off season.

In an already salary-cap strapped off season, this release saves the team $3.2 mill in cap space. After it being reported this team already approached Jason Peters about a contract restructure, it is obvious this team is looking for funds. This move almost guarantees that the team will either sign or draft a corner, and maybe even both.

A solid personnel move by Roseman (wow it felt weird saying that,) the corner back position was a huge weakness for the team. Nolan Carroll is a free agent, though the team has begun talks to resign him, and Jalen Mills entering his second season. This team wants to build the position from the ground up, lets hope they don’t fuck up.


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