Part 3: Fear the Passion

This is our third and final part written by Sammy Carbone. It takes alot to be an athlete especially in todays world, we hope you enjoy.


-Sammy “the bull” Carbone-

SEEING AROUND THE CORNER! Anticipate it and then knock them the fuck out.

There is a reason why only the top 3 in the Olympics get medals…


What is real love? The only things I love are my family and the gym. It has always been that way, ever since I started going to the gym at age 13. Those are the only things that have made 110% sense to me. I have some of the best friends in the world, played all kinds of sports, met all kinds of people and been to some different places. However, nothing beats being home with my family and going to the gym where I feel comfortable.

So I have been thinking about making some changes in my life. However, will I still be happy if I change something? I don’t know. No one does. Sometimes you need to reach out but once you reach out though and I fully let you in, they will fully see how amazing life can be. But again that depends on something out of my control. I have come a long way and have been through hell a few times but I am stronger than ever, louder than ever, fiercer than ever but as gentle as a baby, quieter than a mouse, and calmer than driving a convertible down an open road with no one and nothing in sight. I have total control of myself and always have, that is why I am here today saying this. What has always scared me is my dad and me. My dad because he is my dad and I always want to make him proud to have me as his son. He is and tells me that every day. Me? Because I know what I am capable of.

My Love

Love is when you wake up in the morning and every morning and are truly happy. You are happy with your life. You built a good man or woman along your travels. Are you perfect? No! But remember imperfect is perfect. That is the point. Love is about being imperfect because we are all God’s Children. No matter what kind of a God you believe in. Love yourself and love everyone around you. We are all the same, human beings. All humans deserve love. Plain and simple.

Sammy “the bull” Gravano

Sammy “the bull” Gravano is actually a famous Italian mafia guy who always demanded respect.  Something like that. He had a crazy temper, did some harsh things. Somehow I got this nickname when I was a kid. It stuck. So a lot of people from home call me Sammy. I remember playing football and a buddy of mine said “what the hell did you do to piss off Sammy? He’s got that look in his eye.” Well I still have that look today. But I never started a fight ever in my life. Just be nice.

Let me tell you the story of Sammy the bull carbone. Sammy grew up… went to college… began teaching gym… 8 years later I still compete in powerlifting and do well as a gym teacher.

Just imagine ghandi in the hulks body! haha

Core Values

So what are my core values? So I split core values into three categories: How I am as a person at work, around family/friends, and how I am socially? I wasn’t sure but all I put was strong for each category.

What are the connections of life and being here on the earth? People, places, and things. What connects me to each of these 3 things? Places and things rise and fall, come and go but it’s the people who make up our world. Earth, country, city.  The soul of that place is the people that make it up. Philadelphia, The soul and heart. Rocky, hardwork, Eagles. Things are the least of connections. Money is just paper or an electronic number. Cars and houses run down, die, and are just materials. But what is a home? Does that ever change?

What is the problem with people and life today? The world is based on shoes, iphones, cars, money and “fake” power just because of a position or a name.  Not character! People and life are simple. Right is right, wrong is wrong.  Kids grow up in a world based on being competitive but don’t even know how to play and interact with each other which is the foundation and essence of life.

Footprints in the Sand- poem. But he has been carrying me all my life. Thank you God. So as long as I live I will try to do my best to live to the person you built, ME!

My fight. So what is my fight? I fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. I teach gym to kids. Its fun. Those kids who can’t fight against “you” but I can. I really am just a big kid. What “you” are doing is wrong. You are setting all of our kids up for failure. I know both worlds suburban and urban. It’s not right. Change your fight now or get the fuck out because if your ass is seen in ANY kind of street someone is going to kick the fucking shit out of you. Maybe not me but you’re pissing off the PEOPLE. Get away from your bullshit and do what is right. If you were in my kindergarten PE class, I would fail your lazy ass. Plus, “BE NICE” is the number 1 rule you stupid shit. I dare you to come to my gym and tell me I am wrong. Most of all, you alone, are fucking up my life. You are all fucking punk ass little bitches.

What is the purpose of life? To live a life of purpose. So what is the purpose of fighting and killing your own kind? We are all human beings and deserve a life filled with our own happiness. Its not about this or that and people have the wrong FIGHTS anymore. Its about LIFE and LIVING!!! EVERYONE!!! In a world where you can’t hide because everyone will see it on the internet so we hide behind a computer or phone. But we can’t even have basic manners and respect for each other and life. Doesn’t make sense to me.

What is the purpose of school? To help and educate people so they can provide a good life for themselves and be happy. That’s it. All about progress of human beings. I have pain too.

So look into the blue sky and see the moon at night. Don’t be afraid of the night. Be the person with a torch searching for answers in the night because that’s where you find the real answers of people and life.

Community? Build a place you want to live with the people who deserve to be there. Be nice and help each other out.

How do you live a good life and a purposeful one? Like any business, there are good and bad parts to it. Listen to the highest and lowest of people, rich and poor, black and white, young and old. Youth and energy comes from the young. Wisdom and knowledge comes from the old. Stop and see the flower growing out of the crack in the middle of the street. See the rainbow when there is a thunderstorm. Be the reason people get out of bed in the morning. Always teach, help and be kind so you leave a positive connection.

Pride? I look at myself in the mirror right before I leave for work. I see pain in my eyes which helps me see the pain in someone else’s eyes. With that, I try to help them in whatever way I can. That means a lot of different things and connections to their souls. But I help. I may be nice. I may be harsh. But I do know that whatever I say or do comes from my heart. And with that knowledge of knowing how I connect with people I am completely humbled and understand my importance of just showing up every day. Then I notice my body. Made mistakes and sorry for them. I don’t go to church much these days but I do speak to God every day asking for forgiveness and guidance. I promise him that I will do better. I am just doing the best I can and trying to survive and live my life. I just want some of my pain taken away so I can be more effective and enjoy the beautiful world you made. But I do like it here. In the end its just me and God. I’m ok with that today and really every day. I think I am doing myself justice and living a purposeful life.

Love? Will I find it? No one knows. Only God. I got me and that’s fine. So I will see where life takes me and I trust that decision.

Discipline? Life sucks. Life is beautiful. Assholes and nice people. Just be me and do well in the world. Stay on course and treat all with respect but never tolerate disrespect from anyone.

Gym? Measures the man by how they act. No one really cares what your skill is. Just learn how to control and use it. But character of the man in the gym means the most.

Life? Its all about what kind of connection you leave among other people. Positive or negative, teach or learn, nice or mean???

So what do I do? Live the life made for me. Create a dream and world that suits me, helps others and makes me happy.

So what makes me happy? My family, fitness (personal or teaching), and faith. Maintaining and building my current family, stay healthy myself and teach children how to do the same, and faith that I will be ok and things will work out.

Hobbies? Lifting, running, collecting, writing?

So wake up, take care of whatever business you have and enjoy the day!

Spirit/ Heart (not religion)

Sing to the mountains


The soul of a person can tell you a lot. What they FIGHT for is who they are. What are you fighting for today? We all make mistakes but learn from them. Its not yesterday, its today and what you fight for tomorrow. So even if you are on top of the mountain or the bottom of a pit, its about fighting for your meaning and purpose. Don’t hurt the next guy, help him. Don’t fight your brother, work together. No one wants to go before their time is called, we are all in this together and just trying to survive and live in peace. So feel your heart, check its pulse. Are you still alive? YES! So fight to keep it that way. And most of all, PARTY! LAUGH! SMILE! Life is a roller coaster ride, remember!!!!!!!!


The brain is the most amazing thing ever invented. Whoever gave us this ability is beyond my belief. The mind can be very evil if you allow it. At the end of the day, you are the only one who has control over it. So when your day is called only you are the true master of it. You have to live with it. So when you look back in your life, have good and happy thoughts. Think of what YOU did, not anyone else. Not everyone can be the best but everyone can make a difference. So be that candle in the darkness, not the one blowing the candle out when all you need is a north star.


What does it mean to take care of your body these days? Does it mean killing your body? No of course not. Its all moderation. Your body is a temple and an amusement park. If you don’t understand this concept, then you need to start making changes to what you are doing every day.  And its easy. Its all about adjusting to who you are today. If you are someone who takes the elevator all the time, start taking the stairs a coupe times a day. If you are someone who runs a lot but doesn’t lift, take a day or 20 minutes off your running to lift. If you are a lifter, do the same but with running. If you are a working mom, bring up youtube and do 30 minutes of yoga. If you smoke 2 packs a day, start throwing one or two cigarettes in the trash can a day. We live in a world of quick cures. There is a medication for everything because we don’t want to take the hits and the pain that comes with growing. Life is all about scars, taking the time to heal those scars, then showing them off. And most of all its about adapting to what is going on around you and what you are today, not yesterday. What do you want to look like tomorrow? Only you can answer that question.

Why powerlifting is the heart and soul of forming a physically and mentally strong athlete?

Powerlifting is 3 lifts: Squat, Bench and Deadlift. To be a true competitor in powerlifting, you must master these 3 exercises. A person who can master these exercises is considered a very strong person. If you can do these exercises correctly without help then you have explosiveness, a strong core, strong legs and upper body and are disciplined.

A true athlete is able to play multiple sports like soccer, football, baseball, basketball, track and field, swimming, tennis, and much more. A person who is considered to be athletic is strong, fast, quick, smart, balanced and can fit different roles within a sport or team. Your perfect athletes are people like Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali.  Guys who were so physically talented but could beat you mentally as well.

So what is the connection between powerlifting and sports? You must be physically strong and mentally intelligent. So what is missing? Your spirit? I haven’t talked about the spirit of a person yet. I have my own religious beliefs that I grew up with and maintain today. However, I am not talking about religion now because that is way too annoying in today’s world. So when you surround yourself with people that have the mind of a powerlifter and the mind of a student athlete then your accomplishments will exceed way beyond trophies, wins, records and championships. The lessons learned during this process will make sure that you will knock down any obstacle that comes in your way during life.  A team gives people an identity and unity. Great teams feel like family. Families bend but never break. So when it comes down to stepping up and taking charge, a family will always be with you when times get tough. So even if you lose that battle, you never lose the war.

So when developing a strength program for your current day athlete, I believe powerlifting should be the main goal. Whether the athlete is 5 or 15 or 25 or 35… this should be the main concept.  However, it is up to a coach or teacher to develop a program that makes sense for that athlete given their variables (age, gender, goal, sport, injuries…).

I have had a few coaches along my time but there is really only one that I have, my dad.

No Easy Way Out

When you come across a time to make a major decision in your life, you do it and move forward.  You make the best decision possible at that time and receive the rewards or consequences that come with it. There are always pros and cons to every choice you make.  Life is all about risks and not taking risks. What do you want from this decision, what will happen and what risks are there?  Don’t make a decision based on what is easiest. You will have some tough times and decisions to make. All I can tell you, make sure you can live with your decision. If not, make peace with it somehow. Because whatever that is, it will tear you apart until it is solved. Everything is reconcilable if you believe. Everything takes TIME…


Every person that is alive has a skill whether you can see it or not. Some skills are hidden and unable to see with your eyes. Your skill that you have for this world should never make you think that you are better than the man next to you. You use your skill to help people, not hurt them. If you are able to live your life this way, then you already have achieved much success.

Living the Dream

Living the Dream is made for everyone no matter what stage of life you are in. I think this gets you to think about parts of your life and make you feel good about who you are and what you have accomplished.  Every day is a blessing and every person deserves to enjoy it to the fullest.

Did you leave footprints in the sand today?

Writers Block

Sometimes people come to obstacles in their lives and they just don’t know what to do. It could be something as easy as trying to write a paper for school and they just don’t know where to begin. How do I start this chapter of my life? What do I do??? Well just start speaking about anything to get yourself started. Talk about what you are comfortable with then once you get into the groove, you will get the mental part of your writing to make more sense. In other words, just start doing whatever it is that you need to do.


Air is the only thing that stands between us as humans. When someone is in your personal space, remains there, you feel more of a connection with that person. So it is our choice as to who we want to remain in our space, in our lives and in our minds. We choose to connect or disconnect from those choices and that is what remains in our world…


Love is when you wake up in the morning and every morning and are truly happy. You are happy with your life. You built a good man or woman along your travels. Are you perfect? No! But remember imperfect is perfect. That’s is the point though. Love is about being imperfect because we are all God’s Children. No matter what kind of a God you believe in. Love yourself and love everyone around you. We are all the same, human beings. All humans deserve love. Plain and simple.

Fear the Passion


So you found love?! YAY! Who cares, times goes on. What do you do with that love? Well it is easy. Follow that passion that keeps you alive. Make sure it is fierce too. You want your passions that keep you alive burning like a hot Kiln. Tough times never last but tough people do. So if you stick with what you know is right you can’t go wrong. It all goes back to the mirror. When you wake up and when you go to bed. Are you doing the best you can? What changes should you make? 2pac is with us all. It is ok. Just make sure that when you are looking back at yourself you like what you see. Because you are a beautiful human being that has wings as strong and wide as can be and are meant to be loved and cherish every moment you have on this earth. That is what living is all about. Passion driven from your heart that is so strong it can overcome anything in your way. ANYTHING! Nothing is stronger than the beating heart and that is what people can feel. What they can connect with. When that heart is on fire there is no force that will ever stop it.

And live a life of peace happily ever after

I go back once again to looking in the mirror. What do you see? I know for sure I am not perfect. I made many mistakes and will continue to make them, which is called learning. The one thing that remains the same is life. Right is right, wrong is wrong. Respect is respect, disrespect is disrespect. People forget the number one rule, which is care. We live in a world where people do bad things and we can’t hide from it anymore because of the technology that exists. We are beautiful human beings in our own “special” ways and live in a world built of beauty and peace. You choose how you want to look at it. Choose ways to make your life beautiful by just caring about what and who is around you. Look at yourself and your intentions and don’t ignore what is right in front of you.

Short, sweet and to the point

You are only as strong as your weakest link. When life decides to test you, it will test you where you are weakest and not strongest. That is just simple logic. If you are weak in one area that is the quickest way to beat you. But if you want to be the best that you can possibly be, strengthen your weaknesses so they become strengths. The point? I don’t know what the point is really. I can’t tell you that and no one really can. What is the purpose of anything? Of waking up? Of reading this bullshit?

Get busy living or Get busy dying

Live a life that when you look back you did the best you possibly could with what you had. Live a life that you are present in and love. Live a life that when you think ahead you have worries but the joy of tomorrow is more powerful. You only get one chance to do this. How do you want people to remember your name?

What the fuck are you doing?

I haven’t a fucking clue. What the fuck is with everyone these days. Am I seriously losing it because I feel like I really am? People say just let it go or why do you care. I don’t have a choice, you do. That must be nice but for some reason there is a burden I bear that I cannot explain quite explain yet. It is an insane thought process that goes on in my brain that I have no idea how to turn it off.

I’ve seen people lose lives to the street, bad homes, having a kid when they are a kid, drugs, health issues, poor decisions, whatever. I’m sure you have too.


When people are “strong” I am weak but I am strongest when I am “weak”

I am deaf but hear everything

Mute but speak all the time

Blind but see ALL.

Go to the Light

Fly in the Sky

Be Beautiful

We all have bodies, minds, and spirits because we are all human.

Life is like shrugs. Load that fucker up with as much weight as you possibly can but not so much that it breaks and smacks you in your jaw.

This book for someone (a student? an athlete? aliens?) who just needs a pick me up…

Have a good day and take care!

When you think of an athlete, think of someone who fits this criteria…


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