Overtime Rules are Stupid

The Superbowl is the biggest domestic championship in the United States. I know, I enjoy a game 7 just as much as anyone else but game 7’s are not always a guarantee to happen. A Super Bowl is. In the only win-or-go-home playoff format of the 4 major sports, why are we letting a coinflip determine the outcome? Maybe this needed to happen. This is the first Superbowl to ever reach overtime, maybe the fact that this happened on a national, fuck that, INTERNATIONAL stage, maybe..just MAYBE this will force Roger Goodell to actually do something. The league deserves better, fairer rules.

The NHL changes their playoff format for the playoffs. Instead of letting a shootout determine who stays and who goes home, in the playoffs they have continuous overtime. The NBA and MLB playoff rules are already lit, no changing required. The NBA just keeps having overtime quarters until someone wins, and the MLB’s “extra innings” are about as perfect as you can get.So why is the NFL depriving fans of fun, fair rules? I blame Roger Goodell, because chances are it is his fault.

Let me begin my solution to the problem by saying that ties are stupid, no one wants to shell out all of this money to watch a stinkin’ tie. None of the MLB, NBA, or NHL end in a tie and we love them for that. In fact, someone as greedy as Goodell should realize how much more money could be made if games did not tie. Longer game + hungry football fans = more money being spent on food and merchandise. Wow, Math is hard.

I really think the NFL should adopt the same rules the NCAA utilize. There is nothing wrong from stealing rules and concepts from other leagues, hell, we can thank the XFL for some great innovations the NFL uses every day. You know skycams, the cameras in the sky (prett self explanatory, right?) on the wire that enables us to see practically everything on the field? XFL. Player introductions? XFL. Even the NFL’s never ending battle to phase out placekickers can be attributed to the XFL. Nothing is wrong with seeing a good idea and borrowing it. In college, each team gets a guarantee possession starting from the defense’s 25-yard line to score, after each team’s possession, whoever has the most points wins. If each team is still tied after their possession then they go on to another period until they see a victor. NO TIES, it is crazy absolutely crazy. Each set of possessions is referred to as a “period,” (probably should have cleared that up sooner) after three periods, teams must go for 2 point conversions after every touchdown. This prevents the game from going on for too much longer.

The NFL is behind the curve in literally everything, especially overtime rules. Hopefully the Superbowl proves that changes need to be made. Even if the regular season stays the same and they just change it up for the postseason like they do in hockey, that would be a step in the right direction. I am sure the owners would support a change in the format now it is all up to Goodell taking the stick out of his ass and finally do something that makes the league more enjoyable.

-Richie Wielgus



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