Part 2: Live the Dream

This is Part 2 of  a 3 part series written by Sammy Carbone.


One Day at a Time

There are a lot of people who say live “One Day at a Time” for many different reasons. But what does it truly mean to live your life in such a way?

Part 2:

What does mediation do for you? Meditation is a powerful mind exercise that you can do and I recommend everyone should do every day. Even if it is for only 5 minutes take the time to listen to some peaceful music, stop thinking of everything that you need to do for the day and just feel yourself breathing.  We often live in a world where we are always so go, go, go. I went for a walk yesterday and saw a lot of pretty pictures. But the prettiest picture that I still remember today is the one I took in my head. I was walking up to the river and saw a lady playing with her dog. I walked a little further and found a place to sit and looked out on the river. It was the most peaceful part of my walk. Then that same pretty lady stopped at a tree and started playing with her dog in the snow. She threw a couple small snowballs at her dog and was having such a great time. I smiled. It was just a cool moment to see because I was just sitting there all alone as I usually do and to see that connection between a pretty lady and her dog while sitting on the river looking out as chunks of ice floated down. I am not a painter or a photographer but that picture will remain in my head forever I think. Even as I wake up today, I was trying to relax and take my time getting up.

Life still sucks, job still sucks, hopefully my roof won’t leak when this snow melts, I have no money, I live alone. But I do have me and I am fine with that. God has plans for me, no one but him knows. So whatever, I will just continue doing what makes me happy. Work, gym, family/friends.  Maybe one of these days, those idiots can give me and the schools some money. If not, I’m making my plans to leave because my life is too short to wait for you. I don’t need you or anyone to treat me like this. I’ll find another way to make money and live my life. So I guess I really am happy, just need to remember to smile every once in awhile.


January 27th

I have been doing a lot of thinking with this blizzard that hit us. I have pretty much stayed in these past 4 days and I never been happier and more excited about life than I am right now. I finally had time to work on things that I can change in my life. I am worn down because of my job, their ridiculous demands that make no sense, killing myself to try to do my job to the best of my ability, and only get more requests and expectations and be poor for all your efforts because it just isn’t good enough. NO. No more!

“Bamn” (by any means necessary) Fitness

Great gym, great people, great meaning

Quality vs quantity

The world gets so caught up on how much. Whether its money, cars, vacations, like/dislikes, power, time… But what people seem to forget is quality. What good is it having something if it has no personal value. Money is just a number. More can be printed at any time. Just because your number is higher today, does that make you better than me? Just because you have many likes does that make you a good person? If you spent more time in school, does that make you smarter? To what quality do you use your time, mind, money and power? When you do something is it at 100%, 90%, 50%? So next time you think about what your purpose is in this life, think about how you are using your skills, improving them, and teaching others that you come across throughout your days.

Light at the End of the a Tunnel

People that are going through a rough patch in their lives often speak about getting close to the end by seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But there should be a light at the end of every day. If you think about it every day is a tunnel. You have things to do, work to be completed, people to see, money to be made/spent. So there must be light when you wake up and light when you go to sleep. Otherwise, your heart, mind and spirit will just go into darkness.  Every person has a story and struggles. It is our choice to make our own light shine brighter or let it fade. Whatever kind of light we are today is evident not in what we say but in what we do. Actions always speak louder than words. People forget that. It is easy to say something. It isn’t easy to act in a way that is consistent and correct. That is where true light outshines the darkest of nights. It isn’t easy to see these lights because they hide on purpose. Some lights are rich, poor, tall, small, heavy, light, strong, weak, black, white. To see the light in others you must first recognize your own light and how it shines. Then we must listen. Not easy. So whatever pain and struggles you may have, seek the bright light of who and what is around us, stay with those lights, and yours will keep getting brighter.

Love is in the Air

What does it mean to be vulnerable? What does it mean to be at peace? These two words go hand in hand with each other. The reason we see so much hate and evil these days is because people are afraid of the one thing that makes us human. People are afraid of people because anything different is considered bad. Let’s get this shit clear. Everyone is different, unique, weird, and odd. It is the simplest thing that makes life so beautiful. We cannot be at peace until we as a society accept our vulnerability. The world is a beautiful place but we are making it look so ugly. However, every single day we have the power to improve. To make progress. As a teacher, you are given many different students with many different backgrounds and abilities. Your job is to help them learn despite being told on a daily basis that you are shit. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Getting back to my point, I justify my effectiveness by thinking and reflecting. I think about how it was when I met the student and how they are today. Are they better because of me? If the answer is yes then you did your job. Same type of mindset needs to be used by people today because without that kind of thinking we are lost and fighting fights that don’t really make any sense.

We are almost there. Body and mind are down. Let’s keep it going?


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