The Patriots Might…….Lose?

About 20 years ago, Bill Belichick made a deal with the devil. Belichick gave the devil his soul and in return was fired from the Cleveland Browns and became a kick-ass football coach. Upon the Browns doing a very Browns thing and firing him, he became an assistant for a year under the Patriots then for the Jets for a couple of years before taking over for as the Patriots head coach. As we all know, he has been awesome ever since.

We know Billy B has a history with cheating, which is kind of stupid because he wins even when  he coaches with integrity (i swear it happens), BUT ALL HE DOES IS WIN. Does Brady make Belichick good or does Belichick make Brady good? They probably just go together like Agholor and drops. Every season, the Patriots are expected to win at least 11 games, make a deep playoff run, have some no-name player take the league by storm, and do all of this with their star tight end on injured reserve. This team is just a well oiled machine.

As an Eagles fan, I can hold a grudge a decade old grudge. I still root against the team every season because they beat us in the Superbowl, us Philadelphians are a stubborn  bunch. Who was Chris Hogan last year? Remember Patrick Chung? Julian Edelman was a 7th round QB FROM KENT STATE! This team takes troubled players and other castoffs, has no problems getting rid of star players who do not buy in, and consistently are at the top.

Now that I finished talking about how much I envy the success of the Patriots franchise, lets look at the Superbowl. Patriots vs. Falcons. Brady vs. Ryan, Brady vs. Goodell, Brady vs. the world. My only reason for wanting the Patriots to win would be because it would make for a perfect “F you” to Goodell, but it is easy to root for the Falcons. Ryan is a local boy, Julio has done some unreal things in his short career, Vic Beasley is a great, young pass rusher, and all of this is being done without Desmond Trufant.

The majority of “experts” have already written off the Falcons for whatever reason as if Matty Ice did not just win MVP. The Falcons can beat anyone. Their offense is what everyone expected Chip Kelly’s offense to be…ELECTRIC. Freeman and Coleman work perfectly in tandem, Ryan has been the best QB, Julio Jones can force any CB to retire after just one game, and Taylor Gabriel is a pretty fast dude. On the defensive side, they have formed themselves a solid unit. Vic Beasley finished the season with 15.5 sacks…just one short of the franchise record held by John Abraham. Robert Alford, Jalen Collins and Keanu Neal all form a solid secondary.

The Patriots are obviously still the Patriots. Gronk is hurt but Martellus Bennett is still solid, Edelman is one of the best slot receivers in the game. Chris Hogan was a nobody but once the playoffs start turned in to one of the most productive receivers. Brady still plays out of his mind and gets better as he ages, but if the Falcons get pressure, Brady will look human. On their defense, Eric Rowe is still a sore subject so I will not address him (oh wait I just did), they also have Malcom “how do you not run from the 1” Butler, Devin Mccourty and Patrick Chung are a nice duo. That will not be enough to stop Julio, but it may be enough to slow him down.

I went 0-2 in my picks of the conference championships so hoping my cold streak continues I will have to pick the Patriots for this game. All I ask for is a good game, and hopefully Julio goes for 400. These teams match up great against each other, but give Belichick 2 weeks to game plan and I feel sorry for his opponent.


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