Part 1: Fuel the Body

This is a three part series written by Sammy Carbone all about what it takes to make it as an athlete in today’s world. All of the passion, determination, and time that are involved in making it to the top.

Fuel The Body

No politics
No Religion (I do believe in a “God” and may reference it)
No judgments here
Body, Mind, Spirit…


What is the purpose of life? They say the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. But what is my purpose? How do I know if I found it? Well, if you aren’t sure then I would just do whatever makes you happy. However, when does your dream turn into reality? When do you hit the climax part of your life where everything finally comes into place and happiness takes over and the second part of your life begins? You only get one life to live. One chance to do it right. Well, you only live twice, sometimes three times if you are lucky.


What do I dream of? As a child, I wanted to play in the NFL as a running back and win the Super Bowl.


When the person you are, the person you dream about being and the person you are meant to be all come together and ignite into a forever burning flame.


What is the greatest sport you have ever competed in? I played in a variety of sports and did well enough in most of them. However, when it comes to competing in powerlifting, there is no other sport like it. Powerlifting is the ultimate test of a person because it requires dedication, intelligence and character. A powerlifting meet is composed of the biggest, scariest guys you can think of. However, you will see those giants picking up little kids out of fun, mom/daughter combinations breaking records, men that are 70 years old and still have strength to pick things up and put them down, and most importantly these are probably some of the nicest human beings in the world. They may be able to pick up cars, throw you around like you’re a feather or lift more than a human should but they will do anything in their will to protect their people and world. A real powerlifter is disciplined and respected by everyone. They feel pain and fatigue every day of their lives. They love and thrive in the darkness of a gym, especially when no one is around. Powerlifting is beautiful, scientific and respectable. So when you feel down and out, think of a powerlifter. Their constant feeling of anger and wanting to protect, is redirected towards picking something up and kindness when they are fully aware that they are stronger than you at any time. On your darkest day, you just need a lift up, a spot, a helping hand.


Well they call Sunday the day of rest. It’s God’s day. So I try to relax, exercise, and watch the NFL games from the comfort of my sofa. I watched the last 2 games to see who will play in the Super Bowl. Afterwards, I went for a walk around my neighborhood and I just fell in the snow. I laid on my back and looked up into the sky with the city in my sight. I thought, this is why I love snow and life. For these moments. I got up and walked a little further. I then saw a nice snow drift and just plopped face first into it. I let the cold snow just sit on my face as my cheeks cooled down quickly. It was like a breath of fresh air for once. Just to feel the snow and its ability to make the world look so peaceful and quiet.

Snow Day

So I woke up early as usual to what looks like the blizzard of 2017. I can not believe how beautiful and peaceful something as simple as snow is. I think this is a perfect time for a snow storm because people need to stay home and just enjoy the beauty of the snow. I am at a complete mental block and exhausted by the frustration that runs over me. There is absolutely no logic behind anything. What I see, is good people struggling beyond belief and don’t even have energy to argue at this point. People can’t make payments on cars, houses, bills, life because some people aren’t doing their jobs. Yeah, thank you. However, in midst of my constant frustration yesterday to do my part to this society, I have kids come up and hugging me, calling me dad, saying they love gym. So in the grand scheme I need to learn how to look at the bright parts of my day and just forget or forgive the other parts of my day. So I am going to take my day of rest today on this snow day because I need to enjoy how beautiful life is because we all have to go at some point in life. We can’t live forever but I know and believe that when my time is up… I will die with my pride. Something my dad stresses to me every day and still gets on my nerves about it. I can’t say I am perfect with every decision I make but I do try to keep the best interest and safety of all. I never put 1 above the rest of the people when it comes to safety. Safety, security, consistency, discipline, and love is what you provide when you have power and in charge of something or someone. Unfortunately, there are bad people out there who do bad things so we men are truly the ones who need to protect our women and children. Take care of the old, protect the young and educate them about life, and try to stabilize and ease the burdens of your average working class people. Whoops, it’s a snow day. I forgot. I make a difference because when I finally get my point across to a kid that isn’t making the right choices, or the light goes off, or the little kids make up some goofy nickname like mr. donut, or the tiniest girl always come up to me and hugs me, even the ones that get in trouble every day, that is all the real gratification I need.


What is power? Power has many meanings and people use power in many different ways. There is physical power, which is measured by strength. You can see a person’s strength in their size or what they do in the gym or how they play a sport. As a person, it is only natural to “size up” the other people that you come across in your life, especially as a man. You think to yourself, can I take them? If there was a fight, who would win? If someone were to try to rob you, could you defend yourself? There is always power that comes from money and/or your professional occupation. Money talks bitch! I am a senator or administrator or high ranking position. Power has many different meanings that you can probably think of in our lives. The power of a mother or father for good or bad reasons. The power of brotherhood/sisterhood. The power of love.
I don’t want to talk your ear off about what power is though. What I really want to get into is what power does to people. When people are given some sort of power in this life they are given two choices as to what they choose to do with this power. Are they going to use it to benefit themselves or to benefit others? I have been given the power of strength. Should I punch people in the face because I can? No because I am not an asshole. I have been given the power of money? Should I use my money to control people, take advantage of others or buy and say fuck you to everyone? No because I am not an asshole. I am the president of whatever? Should I take advantage of my hard working employees, cut corners and screw over people just to make me look good or make more money? No because I’m not an asshole.
So what should power we really used for? Well the beautiful thing about life is that everyone has power. We just have a unique power. Sometimes my power can be seen easily and sometimes it can not. When people who are taken advantage of and treated poorly; you break the soul of a person which increases their chance to make poor choices in life. Life is beautiful but dark. We are so weak and fragile. We have zero power when we are born because we can’t do anything. You build your power. As you grow you gain strength, get bigger and smarter.
What I hate most in life is seeing people being mistreated. I am a loner and I love it. I always have been and can’t change who I am. However, my heart beats so quickly, my brain goes in crazy mood, and my body fills with rage when I come across people who act in such a way. I would hate myself if I hit someone and I hurt them. However, I love when people try to hit me. I always wanted to be a running back, duh!
My point… Well it really doesn’t matter what you are in this world to understand the meaning of life. It’s very simple really. It’s about right or wrong. Making the world a better or worse place. When you look in the mirror when you wake up, is it the same person when you go to bed? Only you can answer that question. No one else in this whole universe can. If you don’t like the answer, then only YOU have the POWER to change that. Only you have the power to change that. Only you have that power. So what power really is, is simple. You live your day so that when you close your eyes for the final time in your life, make sure you can live with the power that you have been given because there is only one of you. That is your real power…

No one is forcing you to continue reading but this is my simple version of the body. My next two articles deal with the mind and then the spirit. It is your choice to continue but I would greatly appreciate it if you did continue.

-Sammy Carbone-


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