Do NOT Trade Kelce

Why is this a thing? Welcome to Philadelphia, where if there is not a trade rumor for a full week, you must be in New York. Every time things appear to be on the up-swing, someone has to ruin it. I will criticize this ideal all I want but I refuse to refute it our of fear of shooting myself in the foot, Roseman runs this team, after all. When I googled “Jason Kelce getting moved” the only website that came up were blogs just as reputable as I am and CSN, which is always hit or miss. I refuse to consider as part of the media. Until ESPN, especially someone like Adam Schefter reports on this subject, I will not be scared about losing Kelce.

Kelce is 6’3 but plays like he is 6’5, and runs like he is 5’11. This man is simply a Swiss-army knife. With the way the offensive line fell apart after losing Lane Johnson, why would they get rid of their QB of the offensive line especially since Johnson has proved he can not be trusted to pass the drug test. Jason Peter’s future with the team is up in the air, he looks to be back for this upcoming season, but after that appears to be a question mark. The rookies have both played well this past season, even better as the season progressed, but none of them look ready to start. At least not yet. Jason’s bread and butter is his athleticism, how many screens did he create just solely due to the fact that he is a run away bowling ball leading the way for Darren Sproles? Enough to keep him around. His whits are also second to none, he absolutely commands the offensive line. With having a QB as young and as inexperienced as Wentz, having continuity along the offensive line is very important, and you already know you will be losing your star LT very soon.

Under Chip Kelly, his playing suffered and did not look like the same player he was under Chip. After the beginning of this season, it appeared like that was the play we were going to get used to. He somehow turned his game around and even earned a pro bowl nod out of it, though who cares about the pro bowl. The case against keeping him is very simple: size. Yes, he is a little small and some teams do prefer someone that can simply run people over. Kelce does so many other things well it should make up for his lack of size. They always say “size doesn’t matter.”

This team is in no position to start giving away talented players, I am HOPEFUL we learned from our mistakes after the whole Jackson/McCoy/Mathis/Cole/Herremans fiasco. Kelce needs to stay, I am sure this is a little biased because I love anyone that pulls off such an awesome lumberjack look. This team has too many holes to invest an unnecessary asset in a position we already have talent in.


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