Where Did We Go Wrong

How many times do we see this team, or really any Philadelphia team, give up on someone just to see them go and kick ass with another team? It seems like we see it every season. The most recent one being Eric Rowe. To be honest, the Patriots are the best at manufacturing talent. They are making Chris Hogan look like a Pro Bowler.

It seems just like just a couple seasons ago we drafted this young corner from Utah in the second round with crazy-quick footwork. At 6’1 205, and with a 4.45 40, the measurables are there. So what stopped him from succeeding in Philadelphia? Was it the coaching move? Was it a change in the defensive scheme and coordinator? We know it was not a lack of athleticism. Roseman said it was because Rowe was not good enough to beat out the top 4 corner backs, you mean to tell me that Rowe is worse than Leodis Mckelvin or even Ron Brooks?

The Patriots are known for maximizing their players’ talent, remember that year we experimented with Patrick Chung? Rowe was traded back in September, right before preseason started. Without considerable camp time, he managed to climb the depth chart and cracked the starting rotation of the team going to the Superbowl. That is legit.

Personally speaking, I think the problem is that the coaches just simply did not believe in him. For what reason, we probably will never know, Roseman had an allergic reaction to talent.

It is nice to see Eric Row have success but it just sucks knowing that he was on our team.How often does a team give up on a 2nd round pick that quickly? His success should come as no surprise.


-Richie Wielgus



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