The Case for Trading Giroux

Claude Giroux, was drafted by the flyers in the first round of 2006 with the 22nd overall pick, how could anyone forget this. He made his debut in 2008, making the full-time roster midway through the 08-09 season. Claude has lead the league in scoring since 2011-2012. He has more points than Ovechkin, Crosby, and Patrick Kane, to name a few. You’re probably wondering why I say to trade him, let me fill you in. Giroux is a skilled player who is the heart and soul of this team. He has called private meetings with the team numerous times, when things are going bad, which shows the leadership qualities every team absolutely desires. He became the number one center for the flyers in 2011, and by  January of 2013, he was named captain. Claude Giroux has been an excellent captain for this city ever since.

I firmly believe that trading him now, would be a smart move for the flyers, now and also in the long term. People are going to wonder why trading him makes sense, well lets look at it. He just turned 29, he isn’t getting any younger. The NHL now roams around young stars like Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews, and Patrick Laine. None of these players can even legally consume alcohol in America yet. We can trade Giroux to a team who is in full throttle to win a Stanley Cup now, while he still has value left. The man has all the skill set in the world to be a top 5 player, if he is not already. The flyers are not in a rebuild mode, they should be poised to compete within the next 2 seasons. The team is already dealing with other issues such as goalie, and defense, the saying is “Defense wins championships,” right? Calling another team who is in prime position to make a run at a cup, makes sense. We have plenty of players in the farm system who can make a difference when this team is ready. The team has several players that can step up, Konecny is an ideal candidate. Simmonds or Voracek can take over the captaincy if it does come down to trading Giroux. At least we will always have “the shift.”

Will Claude Giroux get traded? Probably not. Would it make sense to trade him? The argument can be made for both sides. The city of Philadelphia loves this man and he loves us right back. What would this city love more than Giroux? A Stanley Cup Championship. We are so close, but the truth of the matter is, scoring goals is the least of our concerns. It is time to bring one back to the city of Brotherly Love, by any means necessary.

-Paul Makalsky


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