I hate you Lebron James….

As an NBA enthusiast I am proud to write this article. I feel honored and almost empowered. Not like a stupid feminist but like when you walk into school and know you are going ace a test….that’s how I feel right now. I have hated Lebron James for a long time and I have been proven right. Everyone who knows me will tell you first hand that I am wrong 99.9% of the time….but this time….FINALLY I AM RIGHT!

Before I explain my undying hatred towards this person I need to show some respect. I have written a couple articles and will continue to add to this website but I will not be a Skip Bayless. I am not here to generate clicks/views based on stupid comments, I want to create true content.

Lebron James is an top 5 all time NBA player, one of the greatest our generation has every seen. He combines unbelievable strength with speed that makes his almost unfair. He has developed his game over the years and has put himself in the pantheon of the greatest NBA players to play the game. When all is said and done, he will hold countless records/MVP’s/Championships….but that is all the praise I will give him. I am done…

I have had enough of this clown…I am done…the mystique has worn off….

First off, if you are just starting to get into the NBA you should not be following this child. Don’t let TBS or ESPN force Lebron’s drama or the Chicago Bull’s dumpster fire on you. You really need to be following the season’s that James Harden and Russell Westbrook are putting together (they used to be on the same team, let that sink in) Watch a Sixers game from start to finish, there is some AWESOME things happening in the NBA. Don’t let this drama queen continue to steal the spot light.

Now at this point you have either decided I am an idiot or have continued to read this article and for those still reading…thank you. Lets get into the real nitty gritty on to why Lebron James is the worst superstar the NBA has ever seen….

Ever since Lebron came into the NBA he has had drama follow him. The sad part is, the majority of it is self inflicted. He does not have the ability to just shut his mouth and play. I will always remember Michael Jordan talking about what it was like losing to the Detroit “Bad Boy” Pistons. His quote was legendary and perfect for what type of competitor he is…

“The Pistons beat us, I learned a lot from that series…what we need to do to get better and what I need to do to beat them next year”

Lets translate this into what Lebron would say….

“The Detroit Pistons are bullies, and this is not fair!  I need better players around me!!! The stupid management and head coach are such dumb dumbs!!   Hey Steph Curry….can I play with you guys in Golden State??? PLEASEEE  I promise I won’t be a meanie anymore”

Lets start from the beginning, and I do side with Lebron for a couple years. Lebron essentially carried the Cavaliers earlier in his career. He did have garbage around him, but do you really need to walk off the court after you lose to the Spurs? Do you really need to act like a little bitch?

  • Do you need to bolt to Miami and to create a super team with your boyfriends?
  • Do you need to have Paul Silas fired?
  • Do you need to have Brendan Malone not renewed?
  • Do you need to have David Blatt fired?
  • Did you really need to make that awful “Trainwreck” movie with Amy Schumer?

These are all serious questions that Man-Baby Lebron needs to answer…

In conclusion I just don’t understand why this idiot can’t shut his mouth and play. I never will understand why this guy can’t just enjoy playing basketball and cashing fat paychecks. He will never be Michael Jordan, and it is not even close. Michael Jordan had Scotty Pippen and Dennis Rodman. Lebron has played with Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love….I mean you are going to play for the East in the All-Star game….is that even good enough for you?  If Jesus Christ came down in his fresh Nikes and said he wanted to play with you…would that be enough?

You will never be Michael Jordan….its time for you to shut your stupid ungrateful mouth and play basketball….

BTW…Russell Westbrook and James Harden are having better seasons then you with 1/3rd the talent. Shut your mouth you ungrateful dick.



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