Decisions, Decisions

With the Sixers coming off a big win last night against the Milwaukee Bucks, this team is starting to turn heads. Robert Covington lead the way with 35 minutes while Gerald Henderson scored a team-high 20 points. On the defensive side, Nerlens lead with a game-high 13 rebounds, one more than the Greek Freak.

Everyone knows, sooner or later, the inevitable will have to happen. One of our three big men will have to be dealt. Whether it is Nerlens Noel, big Jah Okafor, or Joel Embiid, one of these three MUST be traded to help this team move forward. Each player holds a decent amount of trade value, the team should certainly take advantage of it.

The Argument for Nerlens Noel

Let’s take a gander on why trading Nerlens would make sense. First, lets look at the pros. Noel is very good defensively, for someone that looks like a string bean, he does a great job protecting the rim. On top of that, him and Embiid play great together and Noel has the flexibility to play power forward as well as center. Noel should be the odd-man-out mostly due to his physique. Nerlens is easily out muscled, has a sub-par offensive game,  and has consistent injury issues.

The Argument for Jahlil Okafor

Jahlil Okafor is the anti-Noel, Okafor is known for his offensive capabilities and is known for being a defensive liability. This season, Jah has better stats than Noel, Okafor has more points per game and more assists, where Noel just has more assists per game. Okafor has gotten in trouble with the law quite a few times, how stupid can he be to get caught with a fake ID, THE BOUNCER CAN GOOGLE YOUR AGE. The team just does not flow the same way when Jahlil is in the game, they just don’t play the  same together. With offense being Okafor’s forte, he is not doing enough to warrant sticking around.

The Argument for Joel Embiid

Lets be real, Joel Embiid is not going anywhere. From the second he first stepped foot on the court, he had lead this team to surpass expectations. Offensively and defensively, this man just does it all. He walks the walk and talks the talk. The ONLY way Joel would not stick around for the next 10+ years would be solely if his injuries persist.


The 76’ers need to deal one of these three, and it should have happened like yesterday. Okafor seems to be the odd man out with his lackluster stats and the fact that there is already a logjam at center. If Noel does stick around, it will be because of his flexibility to play power forward as well as center. With Ben Simmons still out, it only makes sense to not move anyone until we see what we have in him. Simmons is due to return soon so look for a move soon after, hopefully by the February 23rd trade deadline.


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