Should the Phillies Target Tim Lincecum?

Rumors are floating around that former Cy Young winner, Tim Lincecum is looking for a comeback season. The 32 year old righty wants to continue his pitching career at the major-league level. Is this good news for the Phillies? Possibly. Lincecum won three World Series with the San Francisco Giants, and won back-to-back Cy Young awards in 2008 & 2009.

Queue the downfall. Last season with the Angels, Lincecum had a horrendous 9.36 ERA. The poor performance could be blamed on his hip surgery that ended his season in 2015. Despite all of his struggles, Lincecum still wants to pitch in the major-league. Will this be his comeback?

Now the question is: Should the Phillies target Lincecum? I would say yes, but it is very unlikely that will happen. I honestly don’t think Lincecum would ever be a starter again, but he would be a good candidate for the bullpen, which the Phillies need. Due to his injuries though, he hasn’t pitched to the highest level since the 2011 season.

Currently, Lincecum does not have a contract, but I believe he will be targeted by some teams for their bullpen. Worse comes to worst, a team could offer him a minor-league contract or an NRI. I know he wants to desperately make a comeback, so I’m not sure how that would float with him. Also, I am very confused as to why the Red Sox have invited Kyle Kendrick to their spring training. Former Phillie, Kyle Kendrick, who didn’t play at all last season, invited to the Red Sox? Something seems fishy to me.

Like I said, it’s very unlikely the Phillies would target Lincecum, but one can only hope. I mean, given the choice between Kendrick and Lincecum, I would take Lincecum in a heartbeat. We all know he isn’t done pitching, and he is definitely not going to retire just yet. Maybe this will be the comeback of The Freak, and maybe, just maybe, in a pinstripe uniform.

-Sean Dermer


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