The Sad State of the Media

The Philadelphia sports media, the Eagles in particular, are some of the worst writers this town has ever seen. It doesn’t stop there, have you ever tried listening to the 97.5 fanatic morning show? It is worse than nails screeching on a chalk board. There is a reason athletes HATE talking to the reporters after every game, they are historically bad.

I get it, the radio is entertaining here, there’s a reason people still tune in, myself included. How  many people disagree with everything Skip Bayless says? How many times has he contradicted himself? How many people still tune in to watch his shows every day, and still follow his twitter? He gets paid to say something that will generate attention, views, and clicks. Where is the integrity in that?


Let me start off by addressing the poor state of the Fanatic. They used to have a good thing going, I used to start every day listening to Mike and Mike in the Morning (which ESPN is now breaking up) which was always a nice couple of hours of national coverage before we dove head-first into 16 hours straight of nothing but Philadelphia sports. Their current morning show is a disgrace, they try to advertise Anthony Gargano as the face of mornings, but truth be told, he laughs like a hyena, and kisses the ASS of every single person he interviews, regardless of how much he criticized them in the past. The show has improved since Jon Marks left, but not by much. Even their producer is a dink, how Jamie Lynch managed to make his way onto the scene is proof that anybody can. It should really say something if the face of the morning show has to BEG the station to let their producer accompany them to Chicago for the NFL draft in 2016. By far, the worst part about the station will remain Mike Missanelli, the deviant who will talk over you and hang up if you disagree with anything he says. Just scrolling down his timeline is hilarious, i have used better comebacks in 8th grade. This man has been suspended for the most heinous acts and comments and it SHOCKS me he remains on the air waves, if WIP can let Innes go, what is stopping 97.5 of letting go of Mikey Miss.

Ever since Innes was let go and forced to go back to Houston, that station is bearable. Their morning show is not the worst, but what will separate them from the Fanatic is that one of their main hosts actually used to play professional football. Ike Reese has the credentials to talk about football, being a former player, he has knowledge on the sport that most hosts in Philly do not have. Choosing a sports station to listen to is like picking between Trump and Hillary, you can not win and just hope the country does not blow up.

The best writers this town has to offer, would be homeless in most other cities. How many times, especially this past season, do we cry about wanting Desean Jackson back? Right before he was released, a known member of named Eliot Shorr-Parks who is known for fabricating stories, released an article saying that Desean Jackson was a member of the Crips. That was 2014, it is now 2017 and that story has yet to have been proven, yet it looks like that story was the deciding fact0r f0r the Eagles to release him. Jimmy Kempski is not the best writer but at least he is funny. Les Bowen and Reuben Frank both throw tantrums if athletes refuse to speak with them. How many times are we going to see players say something in a press conference, and then see a nobody “beat writer” twist the words to create a story, for clicks. I get it, all teams have their own dipshit writers, but for some reason, the Eagles have the worst. The Sixers, Flyers, and Phillies writers, for the most part, have integrity.

Yes, i understand this is Philly and the market is huge which is why we have such a large and hungry media. I fear that they are responsible for scaring away free agents, and who knows, if Nelson Agholor played in a smaller market and every drop is not so magnified by these writers, maybe his confidence would have been restored by now. Instead of becoming part of the problem, I promise, I will dedicate this entire website, and all of my resources to becoming part of the solution.



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