The Patriots NEED to win the Super Bowl…

Whether you hate the Patriots or not…respect needs to be given.

I hate that I love them, everything about them is what I want the Eagles to be. Unfortunately we are stuck with the trio of morons in Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman and SOMEHOW Doug Pederson. It cracks me up every time I think about that.  Sometimes I think Belichick, Josh Mcdaniels, Tom Brady, Matt Patricia and Robert Kraft sit around a fire place drinking $10,000 scotch and just laugh at teams like the Browns and Eagles. I love the fact that Lurie wants to be Robert Kraft in so many ways. I can only imagine this is the brief conversations they have…

Lurie: Hey Mr.Kraft..Can I be your friend?

Kraft: Still employ Howie Roseman?

Lurie: Yeah, I thi….

Kraft: Get the fuck out…

People always talk about “failing upwards” it has always been a funny concept until you really look at what the Patriots have been able to accomplish.  Here is a small list of my favorites

  • Draft pear shape Tom Brady in the 6th round
  • Trade a 2nd round pick for Wes Welker
  • Hire Bill Belichick after he was fired BY THE BROWNS
  • Acquire Randy Moss for a 4th round pick
  • Draft Julian Edelman in the 7th round
  • Let the Buffalo Bills not resign Chris Hogan so you can get him dirt cheap

Its hilarious how players are like “Nah fuck it I am good, I am going to quit on my team or cop this DUI…I will be on the Patriots soon enough”

The Patriots are better then everyone and it is time for us to acknowledge it. Teams should be studying the Patriots and do EXACTLY AS THEY DO.  If Bill Belichick calls inquiring about a player on your team? take the phone off the hook, light the phone on fire and get out of the country. He is smarter then you and that should scare you to death. “Hey Howie Roseman, thanks for giving the Patroits Eric Rowe” I hate you Howie, the day you get fired will be the 2nd best day in Eagles history…after winning a super bowl…ugh.

Sorry I got lost on a rant there, I hate Howie Roseman. Back to our regularly scheduled programming….

The best part about the NFL in my eyes has been this long standing witch hunt between league idiot Roger Goodell and the New England Patriots. It is the funniest thing happening in sports right now. No other league deals with petty bullshit like Goodell does. He went after the Patriots for Deflategate and lost. He had to take his tic tac size balls and go home.  His incompetence in doing basic job requirements is MIND BLOWING. He dishes out suspensions and fines with no regard whatsoever. My favorite fines are when defensive players lay out some 6th string receiver and do not receive a penalty during the game…but wake up Monday morning with a $16,284 dollar fine? WTF? how do you fine someone when they are not even penalized? and what is going on with these random $$ amounts? He has been going after James Harrison for years, why?? because he is a man in his late 30’s and is a physical freak? You suspend Ray Rice for a couple games then TMZ gets a video of him destroying his fiance’s face AND THEN you suspend him for the year? Roger you let TMZ beat you….let that sink it

I want to see a good game next Sunday…I really do. However, I NEED the Patriots to win. I need the Patriots to win more then I want to see Howie Roseman banished to some 3rd world country. Goodell has NOWHERE to hide in this Super Bowl. He HAS to be there, he can’t go to another game, he can’t stay home…HE HAS TO BE THERE.

When the Patriots win the Super Bowl next week we will have the pleasure of the watching hands down the most awkward moment in sports history. Roger Goodell will be forced to hand over the Lombardi Trophy to an organization he tried to punish. To add insult to injury could you imagine if Brady wins the Super Bowl MVP? That bitch Goodell will be in front of the world looking like jackass that he truly is..




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