Greatest Rivalry in Pennsylvania

Many people will suggest the Cowboys vs. the Eagles, The Phillies versus the Nationals, or the Sixers vs. the National Media as better rivalries, and most may agree with you. For this particular piece, I want to gear our attention to the greatest team versus player rivalry, probably in North America.

Sidney Crosby, since he came to the league in 2005, has been  a major thorn in the Flyers’ side every season. Nobody talks more, instigates more, cries more, produces more, and fights less than Sidney Crosby. Whether it is pushing away Voracek’s glove after the play to start a scrum, or slashing the goalie after the whistle has already blown, or the countless embellishments this dude has every season.

The bottom line is that we love to hate his guy. Looking at his picture he just has a face you want to punch, I had more facial hair in 8th grade, and i can hardly grow anything now. Stop with the playoff mustache dude, you look like a 70’s failed porn star. His talent is undeniable, he always seems to know where his teammates are, he has an amazing wrist shot and he draws countless penalties due to the multiple dives and yet again, the fact that he just has a face you want to punch.

As much as I do hate everything about Sidney Crosby, i will miss him when he eventually retires. Hopefully someone just as easy to dislike takes over for him and has a face just as stupid looking. Here is to many more seasons of hating everything about you Sidney Crosby!


-Richie Wielgus


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